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  1. Dazmo

    Car sold!

    Yeah cannot wait, i have a focus company car at the moment, so next year if i get the TTS it will make it that much sweeter.
  2. Dazmo

    Car sold!

    Yeah was the same after i drove a TTRS, made the TTS seem alot less fun. However i cant really afford the stretch to an RS and that 2.5l isnt going to be cheap to run. I think ill stick with the TTS and just get its remapped to 310bhp and also have the a new forge dump valve. My only dilemma...
  3. Dazmo

    New penalties to tackle tailgating and middle lane hogging

    I agree with it if they enforce it properly. I am just concerned it will open up a whole can of worms. Remember, if you don't believe you were in the wrong, just deny the offence and fight it in court! (Front and rear cameras help too)
  4. Dazmo

    Car sold!

    Well after having my B7 A4 for four years last month i finally sold it! I put it on ebay and sold it within a week, i was offered £7000 by an audi dealer and i sold it privately for £11,000! Just abit of a difference. Next on the list for me is an AUDI TTS or TTRS
  5. Dazmo

    Cat Sh*t!!!!

    Nilz, I had the same issue mate. I say HAD because i don't have the issue anymore after buying one of these things:- Yes they do work.
  6. Dazmo

    Bus lane fine!!

    Your missing the point, I could have legitimately been directed by police into the lane, I could have had to enter it to allow emergency vehicles to pass, all valid reasons for cancellation of fines, the point is if it had been a valid reason, I would have had no chance to appeal. therefore if...
  7. Dazmo

    Bus lane fine!!

    Need some advice please, Drive in a bus lane accidentally in my company car, fine went to hire firm, then they added admin fees, then they forwarded it to my company who are now docking my wages £62.50 the offence was on 30/03/2013, hire company billed my company with invoice on 19/04/2013 and...
  8. Dazmo

    TTS help please?

    Hi all, i am looking at purchasing a TTS within the next few months. I am not looking at new, im looking at 2009/2010 cars, just wondered what options i should be looking for, any problems i should be aware of, any recalls on older models etc I also plan on having it remapped and may possibly...
  9. Dazmo

    3.0tdi or 2.7tdi, manual or auto ?!?

    Yeah 1st gear is way too short, i had mine remapped and its pushing around 270bhp with almost 600nm of torque! Also lowered an extra 10mm and fit the RS4 anti roll bar aswell as uprated drilled discs and braided brake lines. Love it, although i have a manul box and too be honest it gets tiring...
  10. Dazmo

    CarCam App

    Fallmonk i want your avatar, where did you get it mate??
  11. Dazmo

    Job interview (bananas)

    Yep its great news although also was just told me grandad is dying in hospital, so now i don't know how i feel. Very strange to be really excited then really upset at the same time!:(
  12. Dazmo

    Job interview (bananas)

    Well just got a phone call and i got the job!!!! :yahoo:
  13. Dazmo

    Do traffic enforcement cameras cover traffic lights?

    No it wont as the red light cameras have to take the picture as soon as you cross the line! They show you a photo as well as the time after it changed red that you crossed the line, in seconds!
  14. Dazmo

    Driving in the snow!!!

    Winter tyres really are amazing in this weather. Its about time they made it a legal requirement in this country and lowered the prices! My misis has winter tyres on her fiesta, and it performs much better than my quattro in the snow! Unfortuantely 18" winter tyres are far to expensive...
  15. Dazmo

    Job interview (bananas)

    Yeah think i will, i have spent a few hours and got one done now, 2 left to go!
  16. Dazmo

    Job interview (bananas)

    I agree, but i think 3 presentations is somewhat taking the p*** I wouldn't mind doing one, at a push 2 but having to write 3 power point presentations is a joke. The job i am applying for is W.M.S Project Systems Trainer. Essentially i will be learning a new W.M.S system and be working with...
  17. Dazmo

    Job interview (bananas)

    Well i have been invited to a job interview after recently applying for an internal position. However i am unhappy to find out that i have to write and present 3(yes 3) 5 minute presentations and then i have an interview. Does anyone else think this is taking the p**s or is it just me. How...
  18. Dazmo

    REMAPPED A5 3.0 TDI vs STOCK S5?????

    Couldn't agree more, i upgraded my ARB for an RS4 bar and dropped mine 10mm on Eibach springs and feels much better. Although wish i had gone for the collies now as its a little bouncy sometimes.
  19. Dazmo

    Vredestein - bargain

    Pretty good, although does not beat my ebay bargain of 4 x vredestein ultra sessantas with 7mm tread and in perfect condition for £240 cash! I ripped the guys arms and legs off for those!
  20. Dazmo

    School shooting in Connecticut.

    I agree with you sidbear, the guns are not the issue! They are only 20% of the issue, i still think if the school principle had been armed and trained to use a handgun, or if they had one locked in her office, she could have walked into that corridor and put two into his head before he killed...