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  1. valyboi

    how does atmospheric dump Valve on my 1.8t work fine???

    Hello just bought a new car mk4 golf 1.8t look at it someone have fitted a dv to it already it's called turbosmart kampact bov dump valve I believe it's a atmospheric valve people say they don't suppose to work tidy but this seams fine and don't show no codes ect It's on ebay iv found a few...
  2. valyboi

    looking for a thread a3 1.8 turbo tunning

    i so a few week back for a thread a guy put upabout every thing you need to do to each turbo on a 1.8t ko3 ko3s ko4 ect and he was saying all the bhp figures you should achieve ect would much appreciate it if anyone could find out and find the thread for me iv been looking for a long time...
  3. valyboi

    photos of your a3 with merc wheels please

    Hey guys/girls iv got offered a bargain set of Mercedes benz monoblock 17" alloys just wonder in have any one got any photos of there a3 with a set on, or know for any photos i have looked but can't find nothing. Would appreciate it if someone could find a photo for me. Or any other a3 with cool...
  4. valyboi

    anyone got dimensions on stealth sub box/ or done it before boot

    Hey guys basically what it says in the title anyone made or got dimensions on a stealth hidden sub box behind the flap on left hand side in the boot looking to make one up from mdf and keep it all stealth all my speakers have no been all upgraded all I'm missing is the sstealth sub box much...
  5. valyboi

    Problem can't find water low/leak help!! 1.6 1998

    Hi I have a 1998 1.6 a3 and every 3 or 4 days my water light comes on and I need to refill my water. Iv put the car on the ram running and non ruinning to see where or if it leaking but I have no wet pipe or don't see no leak could any one tell me if they have had the same with there 1.6...
  6. valyboi

    Will s-line inner door sills fit

    Hello again guy just quick question there's a set of s-line inner door sills with the chrome plate with s-line badge would they fit on my a3 8l I got plane boring black ones :( Looking to upgrade all my interior from red
  7. valyboi

    a3 8l 1998 what interior fits all together

    Hi all I want to know what interior fits my car all together and what years cars fit please I have at the moment bright red interior in mine look at my photo album to check it out Just want a change :) Thanks me Nick
  8. valyboi

    audi a3 1.6 chips and remaps info

    Hia guys What different chips can I get for my 1998 1.6 a3 I know everyone say they pointless but it's Werth a go. I would like to know these loads on ebay chip powerbos, or the solder in chips? ect do these actually do anything or does anyone know of one that I can get and works with out...
  9. valyboi

    1998 audi a3 wheel stud pattern

    Slightly confused can anyone tell me the stud pattern on my 1998 r reg a3 is it 5-112 or 5-100 everyone seems to say something different Thanks Nick
  10. valyboi

    lowering my a3 should I get shocks too

    Hi I am thinking of lowering my a3 and iv found a set of just springs 60mm drop would I have to upgrade my shocks or could they cope with a 60mm drop. If I need to fit different shocks what ones would be best to use. Or should I buyback complete set as I'm on sleight budget atm Cheers Nick
  11. valyboi

    1998 a3 1.6 miss fire on cold HELP PROBLEM!!!

    Hello Basically what it is I have an A3 1.6 8v 1998 and if the car is cold and when I put my foot down a little I get some sort of miss fire but doesn’t seem as harsh as a miss fire it’s more of a hesitation when I put foot my down the power comes and goes also it does it when warm but...
  12. valyboi

    audi a3 1.8 v5 sport non turbo engine opinions??!

    Hello basically me and a mate have been having discussion about the a3 1.8 sport non turbo think it's the 125hp one basically the question is. Is the 1.8 sport the v5 engine or the same similar thing to the 1.6 got told they are v5 also what's your opinions on the engine and please not...
  13. valyboi

    a3 8l clock upgrade help need fit new !!!!

    hi guys basically the clocks i have in my a3 1.6 1998 are just normal clocks boring ones with no digital screen or anything i want to fit the a3 1.8T clocks into it the ones thats got the digital instrument dials that shows the mpg, temp, fuel on the digital screen too ect These ones i want...
  14. valyboi

    Audi A3 1.6 exhaust help fitting! S3 system (.TT.)

    Hey guys got a few questions for you all much help would be appreciated,So basically what it is all i want to know is; does a normal Audi S3 8L exhaust system fit onto a Audi A3 1.6 petrol 8L as i need a replacement and i can get my hands on aftermarket S3 system,iv also so the idea on some S3...
  15. valyboi

    insurance help need good company

    its finally time to re-insure my car so guy iv scrapped my corsa and bought myself a 1.6 a3 8l they want 1800 to insure my audi a3 1.6 any ideas on getting it lowwer or some sort of company to help, my insurance before was on a corsa 1.2 for £2600 and i think for a 1.6 a3 its expensive £1800...
  16. valyboi

    advise on newer type gear knob FITTING!!!

    Hi i was just wounder in if any one know if this item i found on ebay would fit my audi A3 8L 1998 as this one look more stylish to the original A3 ones Audi A3 S3 8L Black Leather 6 Speed Gear Selector Knob and Gaitor | eBay I want something that looks newer not the old boring ones much...
  17. valyboi

    a3 gear knob changing help!!!

    Hi I bought my a3 now and it come with a stupid chavved up gear knob and don't like it but I need to buy a new on I would like to put it Back original but I don't know what one will on it can I fit a new style gear knob on it and how I have a 5 speed box
  18. valyboi

    a3 air filter adaptor to attach cone needed

    As above I need a 1998 a3 air filter adaptor so I can attach my cone any ideas or know where I can get one cheap enough Regards Nick
  19. valyboi

    helpppp!!!!! Jetex filters or Bmc cone, bmc induction

    so guys just little info would you option on my 1.6 a3 filters jetex cone dont want blue tho Jetex Performance Exhausts - Suppliers of Sports Exhaust Systems, Custom Exhaust Parts, Sports Catalytic Converters and Replacement Aftermarket Catalytic Converters, Air Filters and Induction Kits bmc...
  20. valyboi

    audi a3 1.6 induction kit info

    hi guys before i go buying induction kits ect for my car and wasting money any ideas on a decent induction kit that will work well on a 1.6 non turbo i have heard about the jetex filter whats your info or recommendations