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  1. unkle

    S-tronic Question

    Hello! I used to post/live in here a very long time ago but havent owned an Audi for over a decade HOWEVER Ive seen a nice tidy low mileage sportback Thinking of buying a A3 TDI with S Tronic gearbox, are they any good? I havent ever driven an automatic, my racing around days are long behind...
  2. unkle

    TDI Opinions: 140 vs 170

    Well.... seems I havent posted in here for quite some time tut tut :P As per title, Im thinking of returning to the 4 Rings after a 6 year hiatus.... thinking decent low mileage secondhand A3 Sportback but not sure whether to opt for 140 or 170bhp TDI engine. I like to drive something with a...
  3. unkle

    Strange tyre size....opinions?

    Need two new front tyres, the size is 215/45/18 which I have been told is a strange size and costs a bit more so anyone got a recommendation for somewhere cheap and reliable to go to near Leicester? Thanks! :)
  4. unkle

    Plasma TV Repair.

    Plasma TV is on the blink, wont come off standby, even tried replacing the remote and when I rang LG Customer support, they said it sounded like a PSU problem and gave me the number of a company that fixes TV's for them, who then offered to come pick the TV up and have a look at it for......wait...
  5. unkle


    Thanks to the admins for sorting out my password issues :D
  6. unkle


    As per title, why the **** do I bother... I dont ask for much..... get ****ed over every time.
  7. unkle

    Anyone been to Malta?

    As per title, anyone been to or lived and worked in Malta? Ive been offered a few months work over there, I dont have any baggage in the UK to stop me going. I dont have to give my friend an answer for a few weeks yet so plenty of time to do a bit of research on the island, just wondered if...
  8. unkle

    Picking up new(ish) wheels tommorow

    Dont laugh but getting a Volvo tommorow (I said dont laugh! :) ) Its a V50 D5 R Design Estate, it was the dealerships demonstrator and comes with more options than Ive ever seen, will post piccies tommorow, Ive only really driven VW and Audi's since passing my test so will be interesting to...
  9. unkle

    Anyone used French Toll roads much?

    Going on a bit of a road trip this summer, driving from Calais to Barcelona then catching the ferry to Ibiza. Should take a couple of days hoping to see a few sights along the way. Just wondered if anyone had any tips for driving across France, will it be worth spending the extra to use the...
  10. unkle

    Whats he done now?

    I see Aythreee's has been banned, how come?
  11. unkle

    Who else is sick of being ill?

    For most of December I've been at deaths door, everytime I get a little bit better it comes back with a vengence, I've nick named it Chuck Norris flu as its done nothing but kick my **** everyday oh and Im coughing that much I've had people at work say I should quit smoking I've never had a...
  12. unkle

    'Thanked' Posts.

    Is there still an option to view posts that have been thanked? Cos someone thanked me for something.... And I wanna know who.... And which post.... *paranoia*
  13. unkle

    Anyone remember this?

    Heres a blast from the past: I was surprised it had shut down even though I hadnt heard anyone mention it for a few years.....
  14. unkle


    Finished my shift at work this morning and was called into the office (thought I was in the doo doo for something) to be told I was being made permanent as of next Monday, totally gobsmacked as there were 25 vacancies spread between 400 agency staff and a few thousand outside applicants, most of...
  15. unkle

    Parking Ticket Advice

    Ive just recently moved into some flats in the centre of town, each flat comes with an allocated parking space and there are signs all around the carpark from a company called Central Ticketing based in Birmingham informing the hoi paloi that a parking permit is needed. (the carpark and access...
  16. unkle

    Portugal vs Brazil

    YAAAAAWN BORING! wheres Al Qaeda when you need them.... :)
  17. unkle


    So far this world cup Ive only watched the England match and that was in a pub so couldnt really hear the TV anyway. Over the weekend I noticed all the stories in the press of how people were moaning about Vuvuzelas (Plastic horns blown by fans) and to be honest I couldnt really see what the...
  18. unkle

    Speed Camera Question.

    If a gatso is mounted on the opposite side of the road facing towards you and it flashes am I gonna get a bill for £60 in two weeks time? I was half asleep and blundered through it doing 35ish (ah b*ll*cks!) but there was a car on the other side of the road and also some **** in a Lexus infront...
  19. unkle

    Bonkers RC Helicopter
  20. unkle

    Lorry Pushes Car Along Motorway... One of the funniest things Ive ever seen, the driver lived so Im allowed to say that... :)