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  1. samisnake

    Autodoc review

    just wanted to do a little review on this site (there are a few more under their umbrella like which are essentially the same company) as there isnt a great deal of reviews out there on them, other than a lot of worrying looking reviews...
  2. samisnake

    knock when first moving off/reversing

    got a weird knock when first moving off or reversing. doesnt always happen, and seems to be coming from the passenger side. its a singular 'clunk', doesnt happen with bumps or while driving, just when first moving. seems to be easier to replicate if going from reverse, then forward and vice...
  3. samisnake

    cv joint rant

    recently had a knocking noise when first moving off or reversing. its like a singular 'donk' noise. as ive recently had droplinks, topmounts/bearings and springs done, i assumed it was the console bushes on the wishbone. so i find a pair of lemforder bushes for a price too good to pass up...
  4. samisnake

    broken front spring- help/info needed

    drivers side front spring snapped today. coloured dots are red (could be orange), white and blue. cant seem to find the replacements though. no white/blue/red(orange) on etka, but there are some with that combo but extra colours. ok. looked up the sachs catalogue, and for my model they give 2...
  5. samisnake

    cheap unipart brakes!

    just ordered some of these unipart discs for my a3 1.4 tfsi £23.75 for the pair delivered! can type your reg in on the site and itll come up with the pads/discs that fit your car, but i found their ebay store to be slightly...
  6. samisnake

    recently bought 1.4tfsi, have some qs

    as above, recently bought a 1.4tfsi with 65k on the clock, and straight away changed the oil, filter and air filter. however now im worried i screwed up by using the wrong oil. i used a 5w30 fully synth by petronas, but it only has 505.01 spec for vw engines. ive read the 1.4 uses 502 or...