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  1. J10NMM

    Burning smell in cabin

    regardless of what it is I'd get it checked out by someone who knows what they are doing and not ask the internet.
  2. J10NMM

    DPF Cleaned, ECU Remapped now Gearbox Crunch

    ouch.... that's a hefty bill
  3. J10NMM

    Reset electric load cover avant

    I pushed mine back manually last time I had issues with it... then it worked again..
  4. J10NMM

    A6 avant 3.0TDI arrived

    Completely disagree, Mine has 20's on the slightly stiffer black edition suspension and it feels no different than when I popped a set of 18's on to have the 20's repaired. Over the years I've owned many cars with 21's, 20's & 19's fitted all lowered 30-40mm and some polybushed. All I have to...
  5. J10NMM

    LED headlight alignment after lowering

    how much lower have you gone? 2"? 4"? if we're talking 20-40mm then its just like carrying a few passengers does it really warrent the hassle?
  6. J10NMM

    Seat comfort

    sounds like you need to adjust it
  7. J10NMM

    2017 black edition boot lip spoiler

    unless you're willing to pay the prices then you need to find something different, even second hand ones sell for £400
  8. J10NMM

    2017 black edition boot lip spoiler
  9. J10NMM

    DSG 7Speed Auto 2.0 Diesel Ultra 2017 -What Service Items included ?

    so you want them to strip your DSG box down to replace a non-consumable part? They'll do it but charge you the earth for labour and parts
  10. J10NMM

    Questions on the low tax bracket A6 C7 Avants

    it's worth it... even the 20's look small on the A6
  11. J10NMM

    Questions on the low tax bracket A6 C7 Avants

    going to say mines the 2.0 tdi ultra black edition and its £120 a year... although I am looking at RS6's and the £450 tax :welcoming:
  12. J10NMM

    Gearbox retrofitting Yes or NO NO?

    Labour and parts would be the price of a small car..
  13. J10NMM

    Isofix third tether anchor point

    ended up going with with our 2yr old when she turned around... so much easier..
  14. J10NMM

    Snow Chains for trip to alps

    To be fair, I'd just stick winter tyres on the front.