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    Cambelt change interval. Official Audi recommendation - 5 years maximum.

    Ok, here's Audi UK's reply ; Thank you for your recent email regarding the cambelt on your Audi A6. I can confirm that The cambelt (also known as the timing belt or toothed belt) is normally located at the front of the engine. The timing belt connects the crankshaft and the camshaft, thus...
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    Common Issues - A6 2.0 TDI ultra SE S Tronic 2015

    Hello In 2 minds about buying one of these. Are there any common issues to look out for. Thanks
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    Fan speed - seems to have a will of its own.

    The fan speed seems to change at its own will when driving. Just seems random when it changes. I don't have the "Auto" climate setting on. I just want to set my own fan speed, and I only want it to change when I manually change it. Anyone else have this issue. Thanks
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    Rear Parking sensors with coding

    Hello Has anyone retro-fitted rear parking sensors to a 2009 Audi A4, and then coded them in with VCDS. I don't want to just splice into the reverse light circuit. Thanks
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    Petrol in Diesel Tank - Misfuelling

    Hello Apparently, there are about 140,000 cases per year where people are putting petrol in a diesel car. It's easily done when not focusing. This will definitely scrap the high pressure fuel pump, and is an expensive fix. Is there a cheap fix which prevents this from happening in the first...
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    Rear Brake Torque settings - Audi A4 2009 2.0 Tdi

    Hello Does anyone know the torque settings for the rear brakes? Thanks
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    Front Brake Torque settings - Audi A4 2009 2.0 Tdi

    Hello Does anyone know the torque settings for the front brakes? Thanks
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    Underneath View

    Your comments and opinions please:- 1) Red Arrow. What is this, and what's it for? 2) Green Arrow. Is this the exhaust bracket that rusts? 3) Blue Arrow. Anyone placed an axle stand here? 4) Pink Arrow. Good place to place an axle stand.
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    Help Please A4 B8 Scuttle area water drain holes - how many

    Afternoon That area under the bonnet, just below the windscreen (also know as the scuttle) where all the water ends up going. How many water drains are there in that area? There is normally a rubber drain plug/grommet in the hole. Thanks
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    Help Please Any one fitted a Non OEM battery - e.g Lion, X-power, etc?

    Hello Has anyone fitted a Non OEM battery in their Audi A4? Ie. Lion, X-power, etc batteries. Naturally there will be a slight difference in the Ah and Cold cranking ratings. And did you need to code it in with VCDS? Current battery is MOLL MLA (whoever they are). 95Ah and 760A EN/SAE I...
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    ATP AT-205 Re-Seal

    Afternoon Why isn't this available in the UK? Apparently, it keeps the rubber in the suspension bushes all flexible. Anyone got any experience of it. Thanks
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    Steering wheel feels heavy when turning - is that normal

    Afternoon all When turning, the steering wheel feels heavy on the car. Is that normal? Tyre pressure is just above the recommended at 35psi Do these have speed sensitive steering systems (i.e. steering is lighter at low speeds)? Thanks
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    Audi4 b8 Axle stand points - photos

    Afternoon all. DIY One of the novices, like me. So looking for photos of where to put the axle stands, once the car has been jacked up (as per the owners handbook). Front and back. I couldn't find anything suitable on the net. Thanks
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    Fan running - is it normal

    After a drive, when I switch the engine off, and shut & lock the doors, I can hear the fan under the bonnet still running. Is this normal behaviour? I couldn't find a similar thread. Thanks
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    DIY How To section

    Hello Is there a DIY How To section on this forum. How To do this, that, and the other. How to replace front or rear brake pads? I couldn't see one. Thanks
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    Best place to genuine Audi Brake Pads - low pad warning

    Hello 2009, Audi A4 Where's the best place to get genuine Audi brake pads? Also, any good main dealers about who are competitive on pricing. And do these cars have an electronic warning for worn pads? Thanks
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    Dipstick - to check engine oil level

    Hello I'm looking for a engine oil dipstick so that I can check the oil level manually. Don't really trust the MMI oil level check. I got one from flee-bay but it won't go all the way down. It isn't flexible enough. The red arrow indicates the position of the "fake" dipstick. That is, it's...
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    Back up of current car settings - VCDS

    Hello What's the best way of creating a backup of the current car settings in VCDS? In case something goes wrong can you then use this "backup" to restore the settings in the car to what they were before. If that makes sense. Thanks
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    A4 detailed workshop DIY manual

    Hello I am looking for a detailed workshop manul for the Audi A4, with torque values, etc, for general DIY'ing on the car. Oil changes, brakes, etc. Any thoughts or ideas. Would prefer an electronic version. Thanks