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  1. GenerationGav

    Traffic Sign Recognition Coded!

    Almost 2 years ago I wrote that and for avoidance of doubt I found that if you have ODIS then you can't flash it without VW enabling it on their server as ODIS checks with VW if it's valid. However a very kind member of this forum with VPC sorted me out and I now have traffic sign recognition...
  2. GenerationGav

    Rear USB Dual Charger Retrofit

    If this isn't too expensive then I'm definitely interested. Currently got a low profile 12v to dual USB but this would be much neater.
  3. GenerationGav

    Incartec cameras

    I don't think that Audi has front parking cameras, either rear or 360 cameras. If you install a rear one then you can get OEM ones online and follow the installation guide, you'd have to enable it using something like ODB11.
  4. GenerationGav

    Brake pad warning light

    Sorry to hijack, I need my brake fluid changing - but main dealer costs seem to be extortionate, is it an easy enough job for my local indy to do?
  5. GenerationGav

    Ski hatch/passthrough

    I got a 2019 Sport with very few extras and I've got the "ski hatch" and the middle seat folds down as well.
  6. GenerationGav

    B9 s4 air con regas?

    Please do recommend, mine is going to need doing soon and I'm between Cheshire and Manchester.
  7. GenerationGav

    Roof bars for Audi A4 Avant

    I'd go for the Evo Wingbar, as they will give you considerably more room to play with when it comes to bikes.
  8. GenerationGav


    How long did it take people to get their device once they got their tracking number?
  9. GenerationGav


    Mine left the factory today, so guessing I'll have it in about 2 weeks. Not got wireless charging so have a few charging ideas including a splitter cable or just elsewhere but not sure which I'll go for yet. @eggraces which display do you have (virtual cockpit bigger one or smaller one) and have...
  10. GenerationGav

    A4 B9 Avant rear camera retrofit

    I agree with Steff8 it definitely looks like you have something different. That loom doesn't match what you need to do.
  11. GenerationGav

    High Beam Assist ..

    Traffic Sign Recognition needs the camera paramatising as well, which requires more than OBD11 or Carista.
  12. GenerationGav

    High Beam Assist ..

    I enabled HBA before lane assist and it worked great.
  13. GenerationGav

    A4 Avant B9 - Audi Dog Guard - Partition net.

    My Avant came with it as standard, and it had few extras so I think it's standard. I've used it once when I loaded the boot up quite high just as a safety net, but seems like a potentially useful feature and clips in really easily.
  14. GenerationGav

    Google Earth/Satellite Maps

    I'm going to test this on mine, it's a 2019 so I already have the "alternate" maps. But I'm intrigued for when my Audi Connect expires. However - does this affect the remote location, locking and status?
  15. GenerationGav

    Facelift Brake fluid change

    I got a call from my stealer today letting me know that my car at 2 years old is due a brake fluid change. First of all I thought the first one was 3 years, they said this changed but can somebody confirm it. Second of all they're asking £109 for it, presume that is ludicrous? Any issues me...
  16. GenerationGav

    B9 S4 aluminium interior trim scratches - replace or wrap?

    Has anyone wrapped the "textured" aluminium on a standard A4 sport? Do these wrap OK or does the texture show through too much? Going to leave mine at least another year or two, but will likely do it at some point.
  17. GenerationGav

    Anyone running a saloon with a baby?

    @Sibmets I meant on the back of the headrest themselves, there's what looks like a plastic box. Although quick search looks like you might have the headrests that can adjust forward and back, so guessing it's to do with that?
  18. GenerationGav

    Anyone running a saloon with a baby?

    I've got a B9 Avant, got a 3 year old who uses the front seat ISOFix (main reason for getting the A4 to be honest) and a now 6 month old in the back, there's plenty of room even though I'm 6ft 5. Storage is good and I've got a roofbox for the odd times we do need some more, but that's really...
  19. GenerationGav

    Genuine Audi DataPlug 81A051629 For Audi Connect Services £36.00

    I've checked the app (not got a dongle) and definitely not Android Auto compatible.
  20. GenerationGav

    Wireless CarPlay

    Appreciate everybody trying to get this running natively, but there's a product coming out which will allow you to retrofit Android Auto Wireless into your car; here Yes it's indiegogo, but the units are starting to be shipped and the guy who's made this also made a software version which I've...