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    K04 turbo replacement

    Hi guys I've been having turbo trouble on my S3, problems with boosting, overboosting then safe mode and now a rattle at high revs so looks like a replacement is due! How much am I looking at for a k04? I've seen prices from xs power a's low as £330. Surely this isn't right? Cars standard...
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    Gallardo wheels?

    hi guys, been away for a while but im back and buying another a4 1.8t soon. has to be black! anyway seen gallardo wheels on the net and thought they would look trick in 19's has any one got any pics of these on a b5 as i can find none. Thanks Rob:thumbsup:
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    2.6 opinions

    hi gys had a 1.8t a couple of months ago and now looking for another again as im missing my old girl. ive seen a few cheap 2.6's what peoples thoughts on these and compared to the 1.8t? thanks Rob
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    thermostat location?

    hi guys im looking to locate the thermostat on my 1.8T 95. as i need to test it as my car kept overheating yesterday but i have no signs of the head gasket going. cheers :icon_thumright:
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    aftermarket downpipe fitment

    hi guys the flexi tubing is badly blowing on my a4 1.8T, im looking in to aftermarket replacements i have a decat and a remus catback exhaust but what downpipes will fit and what is recomended? thanks
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    hand swirl mark removal

    Hi guys ive just brought a solid black b5 a4 and the paint has bad swirl marks and a few light scratches. What is the best method to remove these and what ready available products to use e.g megs scratch X as i dont have a pc :sorry: Thanks Rob
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    another newbie... another 1.8T sport!

    hi guys im Rob from minehead, im currently doing my last year in automotive engineering and this is my first audi. ive just sold my golf gti 1.8T as there too common around here so i broought my new pride and joy, heres a couple of pictures that made me go and have a look at her; ive got...