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  1. meathead28

    Remapped Audi A4 DTM BY RICK :-)

    Got my car mapped today .... :-) Some would think i was crazy for driving 3 and half hours to get my car mapped.. :racer: However what do you want from a map. For me numbers is never what i first look at.. I wanted a custom map specific for my car and from someone who knew what they were...
  2. meathead28

    Hi Everyone.. New Audi A4 DTM owner .... :-)

    Hiya Everyone.. Got my hands on a beautiful A4 DTM two weeks ago. To say i'm chuffed is an understatement... Was sad for about 5 mins after part exchanging my old Renaultsport Megane 250, but the need for a bigger more practical car had been on my mind for about 6 months. Anyway always wanted...