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    Help!! Clutch pedal!!

    Hi i was hoping someone might be able to let me know what they think has happened to my clutch. The pedal remains on the floor, if you pump it a little it will regain some resistance so the clutch works. Leave the car for a while and the pedal is on the floor again I think it might be the...
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    Lumpy in First gear??

    I have a 2003 S3 which has 51,000 miles on the clock. When pulling away in first it appears to judder/hesitates, still accelerates well in all other gears. Any ideas?? this is intermittent nothing on has come up on the DIS???
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    First S3

    Hi, Well i have taken delivery of my first S3 silver on an 03 plate. Payed 13,950 for it with 49,000 on the clock. What a lovely machine!!! Unfortuntly there is no owners manual with it, does anyone know if these are readily available from Audi (Part No) or does anyone have one forsale...