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    Alarm sounder H12

    Hi Can anyone tell me where to find the alarm sounder H12. Done VCDS scan and shows its gone missing as well as the tilt sensor and interior sensor Do i need to post scan if so here on this section or VCDS thanks.
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    A3 3.2q Oil filter

    Help! Where is the engine oil filter on the 3.2?
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    Dtm at Brands on last sunday

    I went to Brands Hatch on Saturday and Sunday to watch the Audi A4 Dtm's. Brought a ticket on line through Audi. On arrival got free up grade to the VIP suite. Was taken on Abt garage tour and on sunday had a ride in the Dtm taxi ! Well cool.
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    Starting problems on A4 3.2

    Has anyone had problems starting the 3.2FSI engine in a A4
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    A3 Quattro Recall

    Any one else had recall letter from Audi UK. Its to do with the brake pipe work to the left rear?