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    Re-sync key

    Having just changed the battery on my spare remote, I've found it doesn't work now. :( Unfortunately it's being collected by the Finance company tomorrow so no time to take to a dealers. how do I re-sync the key? I've read a few things online, but they all seem to be for older model cars, or...
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    A4 Currently - What Next?

    Not strictly A4 related, but I'm posting this here as my current car is an A4 (218 S-Line Quattro. It's on PCP over 4 years, which works out at about £450 a month (£500 up-front payment and about £15k GFV for 18k miles a year). I'm just over 3 years into the PCP, and not too much longer after...
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    Inspection Due & Brake Fluid Confusion

    My car is an A4 3.0 218 TDI S-Tronic, is 3 years old in September and currently on about 51k miles. The car in on variable (long life) servicing and was last serviced in January this year when it had full oil change and S-Tronic oil changed, along with all four brake pads and discs. For the...
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    Brake pads at 42k - would you get the discs done too?

    Just had my car (A4 2016 3.0 TDi) in for a service and got an email from the Audi Cam thing saying my front pads are 95% worn (at 5mm) and they also recommend changing the discs too which were apparently a little lipped . Total price about £620! Car is on 42k miles. Not what I want just after...
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    Quotemehappy - previous years premium

    I am with Quotemehappy and I have received an email from them as follows: We’re writing to you to tell you that at your last renewal on 02.04.2018 we should have made some information clearer in your renewal invitation email, as follows: We should have shown the price for this year alongside...
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    Worth getting 4 wheel alignment done?

    Unfortunately I live in the north west of England where it seems that councils are unable to maintain roads to any degree of standard for driving on. The other week I hit a pothole doing about 20mph and blew both tyres on one side. It was several inches deep but covered in water so you couldn't...
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    Service Interval Calibration - Software Update - Beware

    My car was in the dealers yesterday having new tyres fitted and whilst it was in they said they'd do a software update which was needed under the warranty - something to do with calibration of the service interval. Anyway, I get back in the car when I picked it up and start the engine - message...
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    Airbag light + Safety System Fault

    Just had someone reverse into my car at very low speed. Checked over and absolutely no damage at all on either so we just said no worries and left. Then after about 5 minutes later I noticed the airbag light on mine! When I start the car up it says “safety system fault”. I’m sure it can’t have...
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    Service Reminder

    Since the other day whenever I start or switch off the car (218 A4 Quattro) I get a service reminder - which states that a service is due in... 6100 miles. Which is about right (will be on ~18k then). Now I'm all for being reminded nice and early, however do I really need reminding over six...
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    Airbag/Seatbelt Tensioner Igniter Recall

    Anyone else had the letter regarding this recall? It says it should take up to an hour to fix however I'm very skeptical of that... should I be booking in for the day and requesting a courtesy car? Don't fancy sitting around a dealership for several hours waiting.
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    Updating MMI system online

    Anyone managed it? I just get an error saying "error accessing update server".
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    A4 3.0 TDi Engine Oil - VW 509 00

    So the low oil indicator came on my car yesterday and told me to top up. So after consulting the manual it says for the 3.0 TDi on Flexible Servicing you need VW 509 00 oil, "alternatively VW 507 00". Anyway I went into the local car spare place to try and source 509 - no such luck. So...
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    Google maps destinations to Audi connect

    Just tried setting this up in google maps but it's asking me for a code to identify the car. Where the hell do I find/get that from!?
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    How much difference do matrix headlights make?

    I've got the standard LED headlights and was just wondering how much different the matrix ones are and whether people think they're worth the extra cost. Reason for asking is that my standard ones seem to give a decent amount of light, they "point" extra light when I turn a corner or am...
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    How long does your heated rear screen stay on for?

    With the mornings getting colder I've found the need over the last few days to use the rear heated screen. However I've noticed that it hasn't been clearing very well. After a bit of investigation I've found that once you switch it on, it then switches itself off automatically after just 5...
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    Stop/Start on S-Tronic Gearbox

    I have the 218ps Quattro S-Tronic and in the manual it states that when you're coming to a stop if you press lightly on the brake pedal then stop/start doesn't engage. A heavier press then engages. This would be very useful for when you know you're only going to have to stop for a second or two...
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    Audi A4 B9 - VCDS version?

    Hi, I have VCDS 15.7.0 which I used on my old A3 Saloon, however now I have just purchased a new A4 B9 and found that it's not supported. It looks like only the bleeding edge version supports it: I just wanted to enable needle...
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    Sat Nav "Initializing"

    I have HD sat nav in my 8v saloon and very often when I get in the car I get "initializing" message on the screen for about 20 seconds... But this seems to be very random as to when it happens. For example I can park up, nip into the shop for 5 minutes, come out and it will show initializing...
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    Sat Nav display - what do these figures mean?

    I have the overlay for upcoming events showing on my satnav display. However I'm a bit confused on the highlight section! The lefthand value to me is quite clear - it's saying "You're going to hit Sandbach services in 6.1 miles". Excellent - at the time, that was about right. However what does...
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    Whistle from vent

    Does anyone else notice a whistle from the airvents when the screen blower is on? The passenger side one on mine does quite it fairly loud! I am wondering whether it might be something I can request sorting under warranty or whether it's "just one of those things".