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    Suggested BMW Forum

    So after 7 years of a3 ownership I will soon be changing to a 320d Msport. Hav e have been looking for a forum that is of equal quality to have joined but it seems crap! Can anyone suggest a BMW version of!?!?!
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    A3 tdi 170 to 320d

    Hi I have the opportunity to upgrade my 07 plate dsg 170 tdi to a 11 320d auto in the new year. Does anyone have experience of the auto 320d? From what I have read the auto is not the best for remapping but decent tuners can set the torque limits within gear to help prolong the auto box life...
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    Audi Concert issues

    So a few moths ago after my car being stood for 12 months the headunit had packed in when I started using the car again. I tried to test that I was getting power using a multimeter and it appeared I was....I subsequently bought a second hand unit however that did not work either. Is there any...
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    Audi Concert HU Testing

    Hi Guys, So my headunit has stopped working (i have previously created a theread for this)..under advice from another member i checked it was getting power which i belive it is ....i was getting a reading off a number of the connections with the multimeter and i also ran an led across the...
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    Back Box Delete

    Hi, I have posted in the wanted section but not sure if anyone looks at that! Is anyone selling a backbox delete before i go and get one made. Thanks
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    What an idiot I bought the wrong oil

    So I picked up some service parts for my pd170, I picked up the quantum platinum thinking that's the one I normally get.... I now realise it's the gold long life I normally get which is 507....will I be OK putting the platinum 505 in?
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    Dpf delete and dsg remap from Unicorn

    Anyone had the above done from unicorn? How much does it transform the car? Is it gonna be to much power and torque for a fwd?
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    A3 Chorus (2008) Dead!

    So my car has been off the road for a while as I have been using my company car. The battery went flat and when I charged it back up my radio won't work.... No back light nothing... Just dead! I have checked fuse f8 and f9 in the engine bay fuse box and sprayed a bit of wd40 in incase it was...
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    Hyundai i30

    Anyone got any experince or the diesel ones of thise...may be gettting one as a company car
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    Rattling door handle

    Hi All, The painted metal cover for the door handle seem very loose and rattly on my A3..has anyone ever experienced this? Is there any way i can tighten it up? I have looked for fixings but cannot work it out! Thanks for the help!
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    £1200 budget for cheap motor

    Hi, A friend of mine has just had his punto give up and has a budget of £1200 to replace it. I have been having a look around and have seen a skoda felicia with 29k on the clock for £795 which seem reasonable (look like and old person has owned it). Can anyone suggest any other motors that will...
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    What mod!

    I have recently split with the missus so i have £150 coming back to me she owes me for half a tv...... i havdve a tdi 170 sport....what should i spend it on: 1.CC 2. Auxillary connectivity for hu 3. BMC CDA (obvs second hand and for noise purposes only) 4. Lowering spings Im leaning towards cc...
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    Error Code- P261a coolant circulation pump

    Hello, Been looking at an a3 for th missus and the one we have been to see (from friend of family x lease handback) has an error code P261a coolant circulation pump open circuit. The car is a 09 2.0tdi 140bhp. From what i have read this is the pump that circulates water around the engine when it...
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    Glow plugs

    Hi over the colder weather my tdi has been rough on starting.. I have read for fault codes but no codes associated with glowpugs etc. My question do the glowpugs perish before they fail resulting in rough starting?
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    Cruise controll- How much should i expect to pay?

    Hello, How much should i be expecting to pay for a cc stalk and trim for a 57 plate A3 tdi?
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    Stone chip

    I have a coupke of srone chips down thre side of my car in about 3 places about an inch long and quite deep. Beem quoted circa £300 for a re respray on two panes but was wondering if anyone had experience of companies like chips away. Any one any idea a rough price how much tehey would charge...
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    Flux and remaps

    Are Flux competitive when covering remaps? I know a number of other companies cover remaps for no extra value and i was just wondering where Flux stand on this as im considering a DPF delete and remap on my A3
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    Big thanks to T8ups

    Just a thread to thank T8ups! Got some led sidelights, Ice white dipped beams, and ice white fogs from him the other week! Got the dipped and sidelight fitted and they make a massive difference......they are whiter than white lol. Sadly i ordered the wron size fogs from him, but he is going...
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    VCDS Lancashire

    Hi has anyone got VCDS in Lancashire who would be willing to do a bit of coding for me. I have checked the VCDS map in the VCDS section but the mebers listed on there int he area either have the incorrect cable are havent been active on the last year. Any help would be appreciated! Cheers Dex
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    DIY- DSG Oil and filter change

    Hi, Perhaps someone can help. My dsg oil is due for a change. I quite a proficient DIY mechanic so would be confident doing this myself however i dont have VCDS which from watching some videos on youtube is required. So i guess my question is has anyone changed the DSG oil without using VCDS...