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    Suggested BMW Forum

    My last two car forums have been and are a large amount of BMW forums and the majority seem poor in comparison...desperately need something to fill the void
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    Suggested BMW Forum

    I have been offer a 320d I cannot afford to turn down
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    Suggested BMW Forum

    So after 7 years of a3 ownership I will soon be changing to a 320d Msport. Hav e have been looking for a forum that is of equal quality to have joined but it seems crap! Can anyone suggest a BMW version of!?!?!
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    A3 tdi 170 to 320d

    And its an m sport spec!......Mind is saying upgrade to the newer less milage car.........heart is staying stick with the a3 and get it remaped
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    A3 tdi 170 to 320d

    Thank for response, I have had this A3 (dsg 170) for 3 years and a manual bkd before that for 5 years. The interiors are leagues aprart lol!! The 320 is actually my old mans .... he is upgrading so his will be up for offer...probably at a good price and I will obviously know the history of the...
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    A3 tdi 170 to 320d

    Hi I have the opportunity to upgrade my 07 plate dsg 170 tdi to a 11 320d auto in the new year. Does anyone have experience of the auto 320d? From what I have read the auto is not the best for remapping but decent tuners can set the torque limits within gear to help prolong the auto box life...
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    Led number plate

    I messaged him the other day but he hasn't been online since Thurs
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    Audi Concert issues

    So a few moths ago after my car being stood for 12 months the headunit had packed in when I started using the car again. I tried to test that I was getting power using a multimeter and it appeared I was....I subsequently bought a second hand unit however that did not work either. Is there any...
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    Dsg rocking?!

    Is this happening at low speeds...mine selects 2nd a bit early sometimes and the outcome is similar to the above
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    Audi Concert HU Testing

    Hi Guys, So my headunit has stopped working (i have previously created a theread for this)..under advice from another member i checked it was getting power which i belive it is ....i was getting a reading off a number of the connections with the multimeter and i also ran an led across the...
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    Back Box Delete

    Hi, I have posted in the wanted section but not sure if anyone looks at that! Is anyone selling a backbox delete before i go and get one made. Thanks
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    Induction kit for 2.0TDI A4

    Im led to belive the standard airbox is good for over 220bhp so maybe pointless
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    What an idiot I bought the wrong oil

    I wouldn't min Good shout!
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    What an idiot I bought the wrong oil

    I'm more ****** off coz I got it in London and live in Blackpool and won't be next week till I can swap it
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    What an idiot I bought the wrong oil

    Yes I know this.... I'm not convinced main dealers use 507 when they should
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    What an idiot I bought the wrong oil

    Sorry I meant 505.01
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    What an idiot I bought the wrong oil

    Yea the 507 is the low ash but was wondering if anyone had put 505 in theirs without any issues
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    What an idiot I bought the wrong oil

    So I picked up some service parts for my pd170, I picked up the quantum platinum thinking that's the one I normally get.... I now realise it's the gold long life I normally get which is 507....will I be OK putting the platinum 505 in?
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    Back box delete!?

    Sorry to resurrect this old thread... How are you getting on with it now? Still not to noisy... What's it like cruising on the motorway?