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    Audi Satnav

    is it possible to put s specific route into the satnav eg A34;M6;M5;A44 Thanks
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    Facelift S3 Raising Wiper Blades

    As the title please, thought it would be like my old A4 and in the software but can’t find it on my S3 Any help appreciated. Thanks
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    Posting Pictures

    I have been having problems posting pictures on here because for some reason the downloading of Image Resizer never worked properly. I have been using Imgur to download onto another car website and have found that it works on here too. Imgur is very easy to use and once you have an image...
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    Facelift S3 Trolley Jack Lifting Points

    I had cause to change 2 of my tyres over yesterday and was going to use my trolley jack. I located the ‘V’ points on the cills but when I came to look underneath for a jacking point it all looked pretty plasticy and not very solid. There is a lip into which the supplied jack fits but to the...
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    Facelift Struggling - Washer Jets Change

    looking for some help please changing my S3 washer jets for the A6 ones. I have taken them out of the sockets they sit in so 1 does the water pipe just pull off the nozzle or do you have to press something in, then pull. 2 again, does the electrical connection, coming into the side of the jet...
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    Facelift S3 Navigation

    when planning a route is it possible to show more than one route to choose from, I’m sure I had this option on one of my older A4’s but can’t find it in the menu Thanks
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    Facelift S3 - Soft Paint

    anyome else thinks the S3 has soft paint (Navarro Blue) compared to my previous Audi’s Oyster Grey, Silver and Daytona Grey. Seems to create light scratches at the slightest touch.
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    Facelift S3 Sports Mode

    Why can’t you change gear with the paddles in Sports Mode please.
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    Paddle Shifting Down

    Im still getting use to paddle shifting on my new S3 but would like to ask about shifting down when you come to a halt. When you come to a stop do you downshift to the first gear, by doing this I’m finding there is a bit of a jerk before you come to a halt. I have found it better to downshift...
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    Audi Magnetic Ride Suspension

    excuse my ignorant but does the S3 8V has this type of suspension??
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    Paddle Shift

    My first car with paddle shift and I’m using them just to get the hang of it. It’s not really a problem but I’m finding that I may need to sort out the gearing ratios as on several occasions the gears have, say, jumped from 4th to 2nd or its showing the green up light meaning that I need to...
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    Autowatch Ghost Security System

    Hi - has anyone installed this system on their S3 please and if so, would you recommend it and any comments appreciated on how secure the system is please. What added security system do you have on your vehicle. Thanks Dave
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    Will Central Locking Drain Battery

    my car is not a daily driver average about 300 miles a month and is garaged overnight. If I locked it overnight using central locking and then unlocked it in the morning say over 4 unused days would it drain the battery. I’m also away for 6 weeks in Summer so if it was locked over this period of...
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    S3 Competition Exhaust

    Looking for some advice please. Just bought a 2018 S3 Black Edition Saloon and thinking of replacing the current exhaust system. I’m not looking for a big popping and banging noise that takes over the the inside of the car and prevent a comfortable ride just a sporty sound on acceleration. I...
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    Hi From Staffordshire Moorlands

    My name is Dave and Hi to everyone. Just picked up a new S3 Black Edition Saloon in Navarro Blue Metallic its my 4th Audi and all the previous ones were A4 S-Line’s. Looking to add some extra security, a performance exhaust together with a few bits and bobs, so will certainly have many questions...
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    S3 Power Boost

    could someone please explain power boost in my new S3 please as the manual has little information on it. Thanks
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    Hi From Staffordshire Moorlands

    Hi - been looking through the Forum for a few days now and decided to join to learn more about my new Audi A4 S-Line, which is now my fourth Audi and love it. Hope to make some useful contributions later in the day when I become familiar with the site. Thanks Dave