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    Second car insurance? Cheapest option?

    I currently have an A3 1.8. Looking to have 2nd car (BMW 325i) insured. Wouldn't be doing many miles on either vehicle. Called my insurance company and was surprised that it is so expensive. Apparently no claims bonus on current car doesn't count for anything as the BMW policy would be a new...
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    Clutch kit?

    Looking a clutch kit for A3 8l 1.8. Seeing National, Luk, Sachs etc. Never heard of any of these. Which ones are good an which ones should be avoided like the plague? Looking for something that's at least as good as genuine Audi parts which I can't seem to find. Many thanks.
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    Wanted: low mileage 1.8 engine

    Engine died. Anyone selling or got recommendations on where to get a low mileage 1.8 (non-turbo)? Also, is there any difference in AGN and APG engines? Many thanks!
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    Buying advice A4 2.5 TDI: Price, what to look for?

    Hi folks, I'm looking at buying a 2002 Audi A4 2.5 TDI Quattro 140,000 miles. Seller looking £1,150. Is this a good price? Is there anything specifically I should be looking for? Known faults etc? Many thanks.
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    Engine died. Turbo time? Help

    My engine A3 1.8 (non-turbo) has died. Timing belt went and has wrecked it. Have pumped a lot of money into this little motor - it is almost a full S3 replica at this stage. My question is how difficult would it be to replace engine with a 1.8T? Ideally thinking of trying to find a cheap 1.8T...
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    Performance issues 1.8 after work

    Had MoT emissions failure on 1.8 (non-turbo). Performance at this stage seemed great. Car went to mechanic and got a new MAF, O2 sensor and temperature sensor fitted. Apparently it was throwing up errors and now all errors were gone. Also had spark plugs replaced. Since that the car has been...
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    Quick question: headlight retrofit facelifts

    Just wanted to check that one piece facelift headlights from an A3 8L 1.6 (2000) will fit a pre-facelift 1.8. Thanks.
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    A3 facelift headlight help - two quick questions...

    Bought some facelift headlights for my A3. Friend did the installation. Two things: - The lights didn't come with the back cover panels (that you unclip to access the bulbs). I had thought the ones from the pre-facelift lights would fit but they do not. Can these be ordered from Audi? Or...
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    Headlight adjuster issue with eBay purchase?

    Paid for facelift headlights on eBay. Seller has now contacted me to say he has discovered that the adjuster on one of them is broken and wants to know if I am willing to proceed with the sale. Anyone know if this easy fix or cheap to replace? Can I take an adjuster from my pre-facelift lights...
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    Alloys question: are these TTRS genuine?

    I'm looking at a second hand set of four alloys. Here is a photo: They claim to be genuine stamped Audi TTRS wheels however the stud pattern is 5x100. Is this possible? I thought these were relatively new design and presumed they'd be 5x112 only. If it is...
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    Spacer questions....

    Plan to fit 10mm spacers to front to allow clearance for brembos. Then probably 12mm at back. Something like this anyway. This a decent setup? Another question is should I go for adapters (to change from 5x100 to 5x112) while I'm at it? Reason for this is it would allow me to fit the newer...
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    Central locking kaput?

    My central has stopped working. When I unlock with the key only that door opens. Alarm won't set either and can't access the boot (it's locked and don't have the key for it). At the same time I've had problems with the electric windows not working but that appears to have resolved itself. All...
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    Suspension: help, my A3 looks like a Landrover

    She needs lowered. Any recommendations on how much to drop down? Nothing too radical. And what gear to buy? Is this a decent kit...
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    Seat Leon Cupra R brakes on A3 8L?

    Sorry if this is a stupid question but I've spotted a pair of Leon Cupra R Brembos with discs, pads and brake flexi lines. Guy says they are off an S3. Will these fit an A3 with 18" alloys? If so, is it a straight swap? If they are good to go - what should I be looking for on the calipers to...
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    8P alloys on 8L- quick question

    Will Audi S3 8P facelift alloys fit an A3 8L? Do I just need 5x100 to 5x112 adapter wheel spacers?
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    Breakers in Ireland - north or south?

    Hi folks, anyone recommend a decent breakers in Northern Ireland or in the south that has A3/S3 8L parts - after a few things like facelight headlights, brakes, central locking pump etc. Have tried eBay but the postage to Belfast for things like headlights is usually insane - if people will...
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    Upgrade to facelift headlights - these good?

    As title - just wanting to check that these are a good buy? Anyone know if these are Genuine Audis? Price seems reasonable I think? Or can anyone recommend a better option? Thanks.
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    Quick headlight question

    I'm looking to upgrade to facelift headlights. Are the facelift A3 ones the same as S3? Also, the ones I'm thinking of buying (from a facelift A3) have the adjusters missing. Do the old ones work ok? Thanks in advance!
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    A3 8L brake upgrade - quick question

    Looking to upgrade from OEM. Will this work with an A3 8L? Thanks!
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    A3 8L gear problem after engine refit - help please....

    Had a replacement engine with 65,000 on clock fitted to my A3 8L after the old one died. When I collected it from the mechanic everything seemed fine. Sounded crisper etc as would be expected but I immediately noticed the gear stick felt really loose - almost a tad wobbly. Naively thought this...