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    The BIG one is here!!

    It's been mentioned and discussed before on the A2 Forum, but finally the social everyone has been waiting for will be going ahead next year! The plan is as follows: The trip will include a visit to Neckalsum to see the A2 being built and for a factory tour. Also to visit Ingolstadt to see the...
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    A2 Owners at Audi-Sport

    Hello, I can see that in general, contains some busy forums, but the A2 sections doesn't seem to get much use! Out of interest, how many A2 owners are there here but just don't use the A2 section?! Stuart.
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    Call All A2 TDi Owners!

    For full information on this fantastic opprtunity, please visit: I look forward to hearing from you! Stuart.
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    Hi Everyone! Recently joined this forum. I've had my A2 now for about two years now and still think it's a fantastic car to own and drive. The handling for such a small car is second to none as is the build quality and torque from such a small diesel engine. If any of you are interested in...