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    Insurance - Right Model?

    Evening All, I'm currently trying to decide whether to buy an S3 or not. I'm attempting to gauge what my insurance cost will be per year fully comp, when i search for the model to get a quote i'm seeing 2 different "derivatives" AUDI A3 2.0T (15ON) 3D AU S3 NAV QUATTRO 1984CC 3DR, and AUDI A3 S3...
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    Simply Stunning and Awesome!

    Just got back from collecting my car and it is simply stunning, definitely worth the wait. Dealer was fantastic, got a few freebies and money off my service pack as the car didnt have full tank of fuel that we agreed. Only small problem was didnt notice a small scuff on the ns/f alloy until we...
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    PCP Finance Application

    Got a quick one, currently looking at changing my credit card as the one im on now is Ludicrous APR. Ordered my car back in November and the salesman did a finance app to see if i would be approved and was, will they need to do another one or will it still be approved from then. Dont want too...
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    VCDS Same or Different?

    Probably a really stupid question, my sister has a 57 plate Polo GTI and ive currently got a 02 Seat Ibiza same VCDS cable and runs of one program. Will my new A3 need a different cable and software? Cheers
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    Now playing the 'impatient' waiting game

    Hi all, Im James, Monday i placed my order for a Glacier White Audi A3 2014 with a few options. Been given a March Delivery date, truth be told i really cant wait. Cant come sooner.
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    Audi Owner to be.

    Hi All, Im James, On Monday i put a deposit down on a new Audi A3 S Line in Glacier White, current est delivery is march, really cant wait to get it. Cheers