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    A6 Estate tyre size

    If you want a higher sidewall, you need smaller wheels
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    quattro 80l tank, fuel pump/sender pinout

    As per title, anyone got the pinout for the fuel pump/sender connection? Sensor 2 error, checking for open circuit before I dismantle.
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    Changing rear pads / disc on A6 3.0 with EPB

    3.0 petrol or diesel? SE or S-line?
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    Driver Door Drop!

    I'd suggest finding either a bodyshop or chipsaway or equivalent they'll be more use to removing and refitting the doors than a regular garage. Depends what's either failed or moved, could be the pins failed or the hinge plate moved, they would be able to identify the issue better.
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    3.0 TDI BMK Priming High Pressure Fuel Rail

    Rebuilt them with a kit off fleabay, basically replaced the swirl flap mechanism and renewed the gasket
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    Light fault

    LED or Conventional, the LED's tend to suffer water ingress and the contacts inside corrode, the conventionals have a weak earth and become temperamental over time. See you tube for fixes for both.
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    Function faults.

    The current faults indicate something is draining the battery. Do you have anything aftermarket on the car or leave stuff plugged into the power sockets when it's not in use?
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    Audi A6 Avant 3.0 Le Mans - Winter Wheels

    The 3.0 tdi se has 320mm front and 300mm rear, Sline has 345mm front and 330mm rear
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    Audi A6 Avant 3.0 Le Mans - Winter Wheels

    Depends on the model, the SE has smaller brakes to the S-line
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    3.0 TDI BMK Priming High Pressure Fuel Rail

    Cheers guys, awesome, no more check engine light! :)
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    3.0 TDI BMK Priming High Pressure Fuel Rail

    Hi, I need to rebuild my inlet manifolds to resolve some swirl flap codes, to get them off I need to remove the high pressure fuel rail bridge between the 2 banks. Removing all this I am fine with, but once completed I will need to refit, how do you bleed the high pressure lines correctly...
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    Flat Battery - Amp Problem?

    May have had water ingress, the washer pipe bend (into the bootlid) for the Avant sits above those units, splits and leaks. Check the area for water.
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    Whistle when being revved

    Possibly, check if any of the bolts need tightening, if not, change the gaskets and find out.
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    Whistle when being revved

    So it's not load dependent or is it louder under load. The turbo inlet pipes are on the rear left hand side of the engine as is the airbox, could be one of the pipe joints (jubilee clips) so you'd need a screwdriver. You need to remove the engine cover to access them. The airbox fittings are...
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    Cold solder?

    "Cold Solder", I think he means dry joint.
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    Intermittent Oil Pressure Warning

    Cars are designed to be assembled, not fixed.
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    Intermittent Oil Pressure Warning

    They all go through VAG's department of putting **** in stupid places, i.e. production engineering Guessing you haven't tried changing a bulb at the front yet?