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    Indicator / Hazard relay

    A quick question, so hopefully a quick answer! I've just had what appears to be the standard relay failure, ie: indicators flash once at the most, and hazards have same symptoms. Question is, where is the relay - behind hazard switch or in the relay box below steering wheel. Also, could...
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    Yet another cambelt question

    It's coming up to cambelt change time - again, up to 152,000 miles now. The question is - should I get the water pump changed again, it was replaced with the last belt change, at about 80,000. Car is 1.8T. Thanks in advance. Rich
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    Here's a funny thing...

    My '98 1.8T wouldn't start this morning - althought that isn't the funny bit - that was a pain in the A. However it's now going but the trip meter and computer have zeroed themselves. Apart from swearing a lot and trying the ignition repeatedly over a few hours - I did nothing else. Any thoughts...
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    fuel pump relay

    98 1.8T My relay has given up - do I need to go to a dealer for a new one, or will "John Smith Motors" be able to help me out at a fraction of the cost? I have the offending article in my sweaty palm so can take it with me. Thanks in advance. Rich
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    Chassis number cover

    Can the perspex cover over the chassis number on the bulkhead be replaced. Mine has completely disintegrated and at a cursory first look it seems to be attached fairly well (what's left of it) to the surround. Not a very excitng question, but any help appreciated. Thanks. R.
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    Here's a conundrum - I got cut up last night on a roundabout by a S of a B. The problem is he was driving an A3, what is the recommended response?? RH
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    rear spoiler

    Hello all First message on here... I'm thinking of fitting a rear spoiler to my 1.8T as in anything above a light shower the rear window becomes totally covered in muck in a very short time. Any help, hints or recommendations gratefully received. I used to have 205 gti (sorry, it was a long...