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    DPF light on every 2 weeks

    Hi Nathan, Did you every get to the bottom of your DPF issue? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    New Owner, New Car - Overfilled Oil Warning

    I had the same issue on a 2.0tdi ultra. Fresh from the factory an was getting the too much engine oil warning. Seems strange that they would be over filling them
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    Adblue Refill

    I just topped mine up yesterday for the second time in 16,000 Kms. The First time had it filled at Audi dealer , cost me €38.00. Filled it myself this time at local filling station where they have an adblue pump only cost me €9.40!!!
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    A6 Avant 2.0 TDI

    Personally I wouldn't touch a multitronic. I would definitely buy an stronic (I did) or manual over it. Saying that the stronic only came in on the A6 at the end of last year. The stronic is great.
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    I think I don't like my gearbox

    Mulitronic is no comparison for stronic. The multi box was a cvt and in my mind was a piece of crap. It put me off buying an A6 a couple of years ago after I had an a5 multi for 6 months. Hated it you could be in 3rd or 8th and wouldn't be able to tell the difference...
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    I think I don't like my gearbox

    I've had 2 GTI's with DSG, 2 BMW 335i's with tiptronic and now have A6 with s-tronic. Have had a few manuals in between which I loved but will always go for the s tronic over the manual.
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    Wash & Wax Sunday

    Here's my efforts