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    How long to change rear pads and disks?

    As dex140 says. If you have the right tools its easy. I did it so it can't be that hard!
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    Price of new genuine carpet s3 floor mats

    I bought a set of front carpet mats for an A3 last week from Audi. £40 + VAT. Guess S3 ones will be a bit more. Rears were £25 + VAT.
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    Come on now. It's a bit of plastic that you're hardly (if) ever gonna see. Save your money for something else. And man up a bit. What happened to common sense? Seems OK to drive? Carry on!
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    fixing number plates

    Another thumbs up for velcro. Although I didn't use quite as much as Helifella! Bought the pack of 2 strips from Halfords for about £3. Cut into smaller strips. My tip is to remove your old plates and look at the bodywork behind them before sticking the velcro on. I had to reposition a couple...
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    Viper Smartstart Remote start Released in the UK - Who's Buying One ?

    £800! Blimey. Are you Alan Sugar? I'll stick to putting a coat on in the winter I think.
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    Help fitting S3 PARTS

    Doesn't wrapping cost just as much as getting all the bits sprayed the right colour?
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    Pressed Plates - Thanks to Jen & Andrew - Fantastic Service!

    Another happy customer here. Sent my docs and payment at about 21:30 Weds night, Andrew ordered them that night (he emailed me before I even received the paypal receipt!) and they were delivered on Friday. Excellent service and great quality.
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    Mobile police units

    I regularly have a mobile speed trap on the road right outside my house. It's a busy road. Dead straight and wide for half a mile at least. It's hard to keep to 30 and not many do. It's quite fun watching the sheer number of people that get pulled over. There are usually about 10 coppers just to...
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    Pressed Plates Now Available from DTUK/Juicy Detailing

    Hi Juicy Jen, I just ordered a set, had an email response from Andrew even before my PayPal receipt! Awesome service.
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    How bad does this look? :o(

    Mine was black like that when I replaced it a couple of weeks ago, but that had been on the car at least 18 months. It ran with no problems though.
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    What is the worst mod you have ever seen

    They're German so they'll have hairy pits :no:
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    What is the worst mod you have ever seen

    Surely Audi are guilty of the worst mod ever? Adding two too many doors! :undwech:
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    Fuel cap - what do you do with yours?

    If it doesn't fit on your hinge just spin the cap round there are 3 or 4 slots in it. One of them will fit. Another way to do it without having to fiddle around with anything is to put the nozzle in and then just rest the cap on top of the nozzle. Easy.
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    Beast MW3 Montage

    This is why Battlefield 3 is better than MW3... Only in Battlefield 3 Video Community Challenge - YouTube
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    Can I syphon diesel out of my A3?

    Tomorrow will be back to normal. There's not even going to be a strike!
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    Milltek exhaust?

    What MPG were you getting before? I'm getting about 60 MPG to and from work and I don't want to halve it by getting an exhaust!
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    rear brake caliper bolts - HELP!

    If you're only doing the pads you only need two spanners and a wind back tool. (IIRC). To just do the pads you don't need to remove the carriers so no breaker bar needed.
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    can i change this panel?

    I think there's 2 or 3 rivets that you'd need to drill out. Think it's pretty straight forward.
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    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    A quick pic of mine in works car park....