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  1. mikep

    Buying a 2.0T Quattro

    .....and it's very expensive for a car with a declared remap and go-faster bits.
  2. mikep

    Buying a 2.0T Quattro

    No, it's not a Quattro.
  3. mikep

    CC Tuning / Performance Torque

    So I should forget your email earlier today Dave?
  4. mikep

    Company Car with Re-Map

    Modifications should be declared to your insurance company or your insurance cover could be void IF they found the car was remapped. Standard diagnostics will not detect a Revo remap, but if an insurance company wanted a detailed dump of the ecu they would be able to find the remap code. However...
  5. mikep

    Would this mod be legal?

    Apart from the Style Police who would vote a big NO, plod would take a very dim view of these very dangerous and offensive items, let alone the fun the legal eagles would have if you hit anyone with one of these. Your insurance would be void as well, as it would need to be declared and the...
  6. mikep

    Are the cheap tuning boxes any good???

    £50 for a 2p resistor, doesn't seem like good value.......
  7. mikep

    Blue fin or not??

    The 5 hour trial is 5 hours driving time i.e. ignition on, wheels turning. Hope this helps. Not sure what you means Staz about do you have to take it back?
  8. mikep

    Revo Trial map problem.. help

    Take it back to Shaun and ask him to check it out, he'll want to ensure that there are no issues from the remap.
  9. mikep

    Remap Dilemma

    WRONG! Revo develop all their maps in-house. Apology accepted.
  10. mikep

    First Post - Lots of questions, remap, wheels etc

    My A3 2.0Tdi Sport DSG has been remapped almost from new, DSG is not an issue at all.
  11. mikep

    170 Vs 140 TDI

    Is your 170 a PD engine or the new CR? Sounds like your mate has the Mk6 140CR which is a very good engine.
  12. mikep

    2.0 TDI remap - economy and smooth power - where?

    I was getting about the same 55mpg at about 85 (does anyone drive on a motorway at 70?).
  13. mikep

    2.0 TDI remap - economy and smooth power - where?

    I've run my A3 for 4 years with a Revo remap (as you would expect as I'm a dealer), 53,000 miles and 50.2mpg overall. Most motorway journeys come out about 55mpg and schlepping up to Norwich on the A140 ('orrible 50mph road) averages around 60-65mpg. When caning it, I get about 45mpg. Hope...
  14. mikep

    AMD Technik Group Buy

    But it wasn't a Revo remap it was 'another brand'.
  15. mikep

    AMD Technik Group Buy

    40% discount means they will make a loss on Revo remaps after costs, do you want them to go out of business?
  16. mikep

    A3 2.0 TDI Flutter valve???

    There's nothing wrong with Scoobies, just one to55er who drives through our village at 50mph sounds like a total cvnt and 20mph over the speed limit. Rant over. The reason why atmospheric dump valves are of no use on VAG turbo engies as VWAddict says is the engine is designed for a diverter...
  17. mikep

    A3 2.0 TDI Flutter valve???

    wtf is a flutter valve? If you mean dump valve, like chavtastic Scoobys, no, diesels don't use them nor do any of the current range VAG petrol engines, they use diverter valves.
  18. mikep

    170 TDi Post remap flat spots

    What they said.....
  19. mikep

    dumpvalve on a tdi

    A dumpvalve on a diesel is the stupidest thing in the history of stupid ideas IMHO A dumpvalve on a VAG petrol turbo is also a very stupid idea as they are designed to use a diverter valve. Happy Sunday!
  20. mikep

    Throttle problems/ vag com fault code

    Who's remap is it?