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  1. Dean_T

    Anyone here have their S3 at R-Tech or has recently?

    Seen a vid and a post on R-Techs page about a 445bhp S3 with a new FMIC (peron) which is apparently performing very well. I think its running a LO4XX? Just wondered if you were in here :icon thumright:
  2. Dean_T

    Incoming Daveb Bbk - Anything Else I Need?

    My kit (TTRS calipers / AP discs) should be with me this week, hoping to get it fitted next week. The alloys I have are 18" TD Pro Race 1.2, so I believe I need a 5mm hubcentric spacer to be on the safe side, anyone got any links to places they have bought their spacers from? Is there anything...
  3. Dean_T

    S3 Big Brakes... options

    So, today I have fitted a set of TD 1.2s along with pilot supersports so the next move is brakes, obviously :yahoo: What realistically are my options with around £1k to £1.5k (may go a bit more at a push!) to play with? I know forge do a kit; Forge Motorsport | Alloy Fabrication But...
  4. Dean_T

    BCS Exhausts

    Anyone have one fitted to their car, particularly the powervalve system? I like the idea of the powervalve system which is fairly standard running 'off boost' but sounds a bit more sexual when 'on boost', as below; Thoughts on build quality, noise etc? It sounds like it ticks the...
  5. Dean_T

    Can i change a thread title?

    Is this possible - from searching I can see there is a time limit on editing posts, does that apply to thread titles only? I wouldnt mind changing one of my threads from a "i have bought an S3" to "i have bought an S3 + build thread". If not then no problem, I dont mind opening up a new...
  6. Dean_T

    AMI & Ipod question

    I picked up an AMI cable for my ipod from amazon, about £7 delivered and it arrived today - VW packaging so a great saving :) I have hooked it up to the car and I can access it no problem - all is working fine. Only question is I noticed that after switching off the ignition, the ipod is...
  7. Dean_T

    Picked up my S3 this morning + Build Thread

    I was active on this forum some time back when I had an A3 8L T sport, was a cracking car but I sold that on and moved up to a leon K1 which was stage 1 with an ITG induction kit. The K1 was nice but I had a bit of drama with it which took the edge off of owning it unfortunately. The car...
  8. Dean_T

    What DV is this?

    Any ideas, had it fitted some time ago, maybe a few years I think :uhm: I'm guessing it isn't a 007p...? I have been away from these forums for a good few years and heard the lastest buzz on DVs (after reading for a few hours lol) is the 007p. To be honest what drove me here is...
  9. Dean_T

    A3 kick builds, at last! w/pics

    apologies for the cross post to talkaudio but the gallery there wont let me link to other sites; needless to say im very impressed with them
  10. Dean_T

    i have bass once again!

    had the below install in for a couple of weeks now; still need to prep and paint, lacquer the box its an RE XXX 12 in a 2.5 cu ft (+ port) tuned to around 35hz, 36 mm baffle and it droooops the sub is getting around 1.8kw via a US Amps merlin amp we had an audio meet at Talkaudio and a...
  11. Dean_T

    Punctureseal has anyone used these guys before? any views/opinions on the process folks? TIA
  12. Dean_T

    A3 install pics - part 2

    soundproofing has finished so i though i would share a few of the pics being german the A3 isnt exactly tin but did benefit from a few layers of dynamat extreme, other folks sometimes go for flashing tape (if you're doing the job on a tight budget), from my previous experience with that stuff...
  13. Dean_T

    A3 Install pics - part 1

    well i finally got my backside into gear to start my install part 1 consists of power cabling and signal cable running; power cable, 0 guage was my weapon of choice - reason being i want to keep voltage high and the amount of amps i will potentially be running 4 guage wouldnt be safe the...
  14. Dean_T

    removing front seats

    anyone know how to remove the front seats? i need to get the passenger seat out tomorrow and maybe the drivers too both seats have air bags and if im seeing them correctly, the connectors run from the centre of the car - obviously these will need to be removed any ideas how i get the seats...
  15. Dean_T

    Search function

    is there any chance we could get some more options in there mainly; "threads started by" and then able to search under a specific unser name
  16. Dean_T

    Problems removing concert

    right guys im sure you know what im talking about the clips have broke meaning i need to get the HU out by force im under the impression i need to push some pieces of metal to try and release the clips and then the HU will pull out...... tried that and im having no joy this is where i am at...
  17. Dean_T

    fitting 0 guage and 'the big 3'

    dont suppose anyone has done this on their A3, and has pics i have all my bits and pieces to get me back into the audio world and just wondered if anyone had fitted 0 guage, did it go through an original gromet or is it time to get the drill out? also if anyone has upgraded the big three to...
  18. Dean_T

    Amping standard A3 front components

    has anyone done it, if so how did they sound? i have some x-overs from when i had some speakers prior and was going to give them a try nothing too power heavy, just some nice, clean input cheers, Dean
  19. Dean_T

    Aftermarket radio problem with VAG-COM?

    i was reading the ross-tech site and came across something mentioned on there regarding aftermarket radios possibly damaging vag-com units at dealers; is this actually true? anyone had any problems with this at all? i have my eye on a...
  20. Dean_T

    Jabba remap - what to do next?

    well i have had a Jabba remap to around 220bhp/230lb ft and love it to be quite honest, but it has given me a taste for more power what would be the next logical step for me? i assume fitting a K04 turbo and the gubbins associated with it (extra intercooler...? etc?) ideally i would want to...