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    Installing Parrot hands free

    Can anyone give me some advice on what's needed to install a hands free. Been having a read and there's a few threads about optic cables etc etc so not sure whether it's worth while. On my previous cars it was just a matter of buying the right SOT lead however this looks possibly more...
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    Advice please

    Ok so posted a while back that my car was hitting limp and displaying an EGR fault even tho it had apparently been mapped out. ok so bought a new EGR valve and what do you know I'm still getting limp mode.... Any suggestions. It is not currently blanked off but there is a restrictor gasket in...
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    Knackered EGR?

    Here is my pic from VCDS been going in and out of limp mode for a while, annoying me now. does this mean a new EGR is needed regards Lee
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    Anyone know anything about Seat Altea's?

    Looking at buying an XL and on the test drive I noticed that the airbag light was on. The plastic pillar cover where the seatbelt goes was loose and the little airbag cap was missing. My question is should there be an airbag in there or not. The place I mean is the pillar between the driver...
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    Issues with EGR valve

    But it's been mapped out...... Any reasons why this is flagging up and...
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    Can you turn it off

    The low level brake light came on the dash today. I aim to get them changed in the new year however the light annoys me. Is there any way to turn it off. Regards lee
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    Knackered or normal

    For some reason whilst at idle with handbrake on etc it wont rev past 3k. Driving is fine with no issues. Read fault codes via VCDS (engine) and nothing. Car is a 2006 2.0 Tdi. Any suggestions or is this normal
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    Door/wing issue

    I have noticed that the drivers catches the wing at the bottom and that the shut line isnt straight - or doesnt seem to be all the way down. The wing seems to line up with all the lines on the bonnet etc. The question is is there any way to adjust the door - i need to pull the door back a...
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    Hi there can you supply the following oil level sensor part no; 06E907660 Thanks lee
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    Oil level

    Was driving the car and all of a sudden the oil min light came on - luckily i was where i needed to be so parked the car. On returning some time later i checked the oil level and it was fine, started the car and drove off. After around 10 mins the oil min level light came on the dash again. I...
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    EGR delete

    If i fitted an EGR delete kit on the car what would happen if it hasnt been mapped out.. A4 2.0 Tdi Regards Lee
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    Help needed ASAP

    Hi guys. Basically my misses was driving to work when she noticed the engine management light come on. She stated that all of a sudden the the battery came on and the car lost power and stalled. I've been to the car and it turns over but won't start. I did notice that the brake light was...
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    Flickering headlights

    I noticed my interior lights and headlights were flickering ever so slightly. It has never done this before. No warning lights etc. Any suggestions why it does this. Regards Lee
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    B7 Tips and tricks..

    Eventually got VCDS...... anyone tell me how any good changes etc i can do. regards Lee
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    Alloy Question

    i am after an replacement RS6 style alloy and the seller doesnt know the stud pattern all she knows is the part number which is 8EO 601 025 AK 1H7.... Can anyone tell me if this would 5x112 fitment? regards Lee
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    Had to bite the bullet!!!!

    Got the clutch and flywell done today after it started slipping... turns out the flywheel was pretty goosed. When he took the box off the clutch couyld move from round which should happen iirc... Oh well £540 lighter, wheels will have to wait till next month
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    Parking sensors

    Anyone know the part number for the rear parking sensors that would fit a 56 reg?? kind regards lee
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    Hello all just wanting some advice on where to get some decent pads for cutting/refining etc etc........ have been browsing the net and have seen the hexlogic ones etc but not sure what to go for.... also if anyone knows any decent websites where i could get them from that would be great...
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    Strange problem, maybe immobiliser related!!

    Sometimes when i get in my car it will just turn over and wont start as if the immobiliser is kicking in... on the dash i get the keycode symbol.... Keep trying then it fires up.. My missus said she had a Golf which did the same thing. Any ideas what the issue could be, i dont have Vagcom at...
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    Anyone know anywhere online where i can buy a service kit....... belts have been done so just looking at oil/filter/spark plugs and also the haldex..... Any suggestions? Also ill be doing this myself so how do i reset the service indicator? Cheers Lee