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  1. hmy7k

    Waze, Carplay and Virtual Cockpit

    For the last couple of days Waze has appeared on my Carplay screen, so presumably it is now compatible with Carplay. I put Waze on briefly then turned it off. Now it appears that whenever I use Carplay the VC shows a compass rather than Google Earth. Tried resetting and nothing seems to make...
  2. hmy7k

    Unexpected things you have discovered about the B9

    Thought it might be useful to start a thread about features of the B9 model that you have discovered you weren't expecting to find. So to kick things off; today I was using adaptive cruise on a journey through rural Shropshire and Worcestershire. I normally only use it on the motorway. As I was...
  3. hmy7k

    Convenience Key

    I have just discovered that I have Advanced Key functionality even though I didn't purchase it. When you purchase the Comfort and Sound pack you get convenience key which gives you automatic unlocking of the doors, you can also choose, for £525, Advanced key which gives you hands free opening...
  4. hmy7k

    Post Pics Of Your A4/S4 B9 In Here

    Time to create a thread for everyone to add their cars to.
  5. hmy7k

    B9 Prices Revealed

    See below, hopefully the S4 will be announced shortly too. Pricing and specification finalised as Audi UK confirms that order books will open for latest Audi compact executive on September 10 New A4 Saloon and Avant models will be available to order in UK from September 10 priced from...
  6. hmy7k

    Yet another Sepang S4

    Well I have just ordered an S4 Avant in Sepang Blue, on a 2 year lease to tide me over until the B9 S4 arrives. I have gone for a Black Nav edition with Hill Hold and Heated seats. I didn't want to speck it up as its not a keeper. The lease rates are pretty good (2/3 the cost of an XE S) and I...
  7. hmy7k

    S3 Sportback or Golf R Estate?

    Seriously considering placing an order for an S3 to the following spec: Stronic Sepang Blue Hill Hold Super Sport Seats LED Lights Magnetic Ride B&O Black Styling Pack Privacy Glass Adaptive Cruise Technology Pack with Phone Prep I am coming from an A4 3.0 Tdi Quattro Avant as I want something...
  8. hmy7k

    Blufin for a 2012 3.0tdi - Any Advice?

    I am seriously considering a blufin as above. Mine's a manual by the way. Has anyone else tried one and have any experiences advice they could share before I take the plunge. I am particularly interested in any reliability issues, I am not looking for absolute max power.
  9. hmy7k

    Facelift Steering Software Update

    I have been invited to take my 2012 Facelift Audi A4 to the local dealer to have the steering software updated. Has anyone had this done and did they notice anything different. I don't have a problem with the steering as it is although I am aware that some people have complained about theirs.