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  1. ColganRaz

    Anybody done a driving experience day before or drove at Elvington north yorks?

    Well my 21st birthday is fast approaching :unsure: my girlfriend has bought me an experience day, driving a porsche 997 turbo, ferrari 360 and an aston martin DB9, which i get 3miles driving in each (about 3/4 laps) I am going to book it for Elvington as it is closest to me, just wondering if...
  2. ColganRaz

    1.9 pd 105 turbo upgrade options ?

    As per title :D I wanna look into cutting costs of upgrading to a new car and potentially save some money by upgrading the one i have, as i regularly return around 50mpg and it only costs £120 a year to tax, and the running costs are cheap. I have tried doing a bit of research, and there...
  3. ColganRaz

    Just set up Torque Pro with Elm327 bluetooth adaptor, with vid + pic

    For anyone unaware of what Torque Pro is, it is an application available on Android handsets, which connects with your vehicles ECU via a bluetooth adapter. This gives you masses of information and also allows you to run diagnostics on your vehicle and clear fault codes, and also gives you plug...
  4. ColganRaz

    anyone know the standard boost pressure of a pd105 1.9tdi

    As per title, mine is boosting at 16-17 psi at maximum which seems abit excessive ?
  5. ColganRaz

    paying off a policy over half way through by crredit card?

    hi guys, i lost my job today so im organizing my bills etc. im 7 months into my policy with aviva, leaving only 3 payments of £140 left to pay, just wanting to know if anyone knows if i can ring up and pay the outstanding balance by credit card, so i can free up the money i have saved in the...
  6. ColganRaz

    anyone ever used a tdi-tuning box before?

    Hi all, sorry to post another 'are these guys any good' kinda thread which i see all too often. I was considering getting my car mapped at awesome gti because they are offering £150 remaps at minute, but then i have seen a box from tdi tuning for £120, and i like the idea of not having to drive...
  7. ColganRaz

    Help with sourcing/fitting new starter motor please?

    Had bit of trouble starting the car couple of times recently, but today it wouldn't turn other at all, luckily I was near home! Any recommendations on where to buy a replacement or get mine refurbished ? I'm in Leeds BTW. i believe the starter motor to be beneath the air box? It looks like 3...
  8. ColganRaz

    Why don't Audi compete in the WRC anymore?

    Or any of the VAG group cars for that matter???
  9. ColganRaz

    Finally time for a progress thread!

    Hi all, bein around for a couple of months now but i have bein very busy and still not complete! I have had so many problems with my car it has bein a nightmare and cost me a bomb but im not far off done now. Car is a 2004 1.9 TDi PD105 sport in black, has all the standard a3 kinda stuff no...
  10. ColganRaz

    where is the sump plug?

    May sound a daft question but where is the sump plug, i havent had the car fully up in the air yet and cant see/feel the plug just by looking or feeling under the front bumper! first time servicing this car, so want to be prepared as possible when it comes to it. Any pictures would be appreciated!
  11. ColganRaz

    is this the right adaptor i need to buy for my car stereo?

    unfortunately my car does not have the original audi stereo in, my sister was the previous owner and when she bought the car, it had buttons missing for the original. The garage then replaced with a crappy sony headunit that only works out of the 2 front speakers. now i have the car, i want it...
  12. ColganRaz

    Pic of audi sport wheels in some different colours - yes i know there is a thread

    sorry,i know there is a dedicated thread for the RIMZ, but i have whacked through about 20 pages of the thread seeing the same BBS/s line alloys over and over again, in different colours and on different cars...
  13. ColganRaz

    best value for money decat downpipe for a tdi? not a millitek

    As per title :D not a millitek though £170 is far too much for a little piece of S/S pipe in my books!
  14. ColganRaz

    clutch and solid flywheel conversion - need engine code to verify

    cut a short story even shorter, the car is rattling itself loose, needs a new flywheel because dual mass are s**te! after leaving with a mechanic, he said it would be around £600 for parts and labour. Now me being me thought, NO CHANCE... i sourced the solid flywheel and 3 piece clutch from...
  15. ColganRaz

    can any 1.9tdi owners shed some light on remap info?

    Im looking at getting the car remapped as i feel its not as quick as it should be... After looking across various different web sites, it has confused me as to what BHP figures are achieved. I have seen some quote power of 130BHP after map, and some quote 165BHP after map! 35BHP is a...
  16. ColganRaz

    Are there any benefits of a 1.9tdi over 2.0tdi 140/170, why did they manufacture them

    As the title :) I have a 1.9tdi, just wondering are there any benefits of having one over the 2.0? heres some performance figures, as you can see the 2.0 tdi 140 is ALOT quicker than the 1.9, and theres not much difference between taxing costs and insurance costs as far as i am aware, my 1.9 =...
  17. ColganRaz

    Insurance deposit question

    Just wondering if anybody knows the answer to this question, googled it but couldnt find anything my insurance is due in march, I cant afford to pay the premium in one and my credit limit on my credit card would need to be massive to pay in one lol! I know generally insurance deposits are 20%...
  18. ColganRaz

    Anyone with a split grille tried one of these?

    Awesome - Jom S3 Look Grille - A3 (8P) Facelift, S3 Look, black, 04-07 1st important thing, is there any way to put the Audi badge on something like this as I think they can look terrible without it. I bet it would be a bodge job getting a badge on there... 2nd thing, are these good quality...
  19. ColganRaz

    Audi a3 2004 non-driver :( 2.5 months to go and counting

    Hi all, been a member on this forum since October Got the a3 gifted from my sister, its a 2004 1.9TDi PD105 in black, don't believe it has any extra spec on it than this here she is unfortunately cannot insure the car at the minute as my insurance provider will not even cover me on it...