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    Audi 80 Cab Power roof NOT Lowering, Electic aerial fully extended- not lowering

    I have a 1993 cabrio , power roof will not lower. The electric aerial is fully extended and will not lower , will this prevent the roof from lowering ? here is what happens so far 1) engine running 2) turn "T" bar to unlock roof 3) all 4 windows lower 4) lift the switch to...
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    XCARLINK 2g mmi RGB input

    IPHONE CONNECTED TO XCARLINK ........watching videos / looking at albums covers using the xcarlink is fine, .....but when the iPhone is mirrored for example on the home screen the resolution is Not as good, when u look at the apps on the home screen they are a bit fuzzy around the...
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    Xcarlink installation Power connections

    Hi, Just bought the xcarlink ......... to power the xcarlink I need to connect the follwing wires 1) Red wire to 12V constant power supply 2)Yellow wire to 12v ACC power supply 3)black wire to ground can any one tell me where to connect the above in fuse Carriers ? (Which row of fuses...
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    2g mmi firmware update for Navigation

    Hi, I would like to update my 2g mmi navigation so I have the option of 2d or 3d maps. I know you can buy the 3 discs for the 5570 update, BUT I ONLY WANT TO UPDATE THE FIRMWARE for the NAVIGATION, IS it possible to just update the navigation firmware ? many thanks
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    Ipod,iPhone,ipad WORKING ON MMI (it has been done)

    Hi all if you read the postings below , it proves that the ipod et all can be mirrored on the MMI system - I don't mean just video, the whole screen is actually mirrored - just like if you mirrored you ipad etc using Apple TV It is shown working on a Q5 , well worth the read Xcarlink...
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    Ipod/ipad/iPhone mirroring on 2g MMI

    Hi all I think i have found a way of mirroring the iPhone on the 2g mmi , providing you have a xcarlink installed. Once the xcarlink multimedia has been installed in the car. you need the following connections. New TV LCD Monitor Cable Connector Leader To VGA Adapter For Apple iPad1 /...
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    Google satellite maps on 2g mmi

    Hi i am thinking of a way to put google maps( satellite view) on my 2g mmi, please bear with me and read on.... 1) if you download the "google maps" app (it's free ) onto your iPhone (don't use the "maps"app that is preinstalled on every apple device) 2) select satellite view 3)...
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    Best way to clean MMI screen (mmi colour screen 2g)

    What do you guys use when cleaning your 2g mmi colour screen ? and anything to remove minor scratches. thanks
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    3.0 tdi ATF change

    Hi all Re- Q7 ATF change on 3.0tdi Going to have the ATF changed , next couple of weeks. according to service schedule it should be changed every 40000 miles. have full history with the car , and according to services invoices (all audi main dealer) it has never been changed...
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    SAT NAV voice on 2g mmi high

    Hi, just whose voice is exactly on AUDIs Navigation. when you decide on a route you here the voice "YOUR ROUTE IS BEING CALCULATED" (that's one voice) But when the nav is giving directions its a different Voice? why not just use one voice- must be a reason for this ? ALSO any way to get...
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    Changing ATF in 3.0tdi

    Hi all Going to have the ATF changed (along with other service bits) , next couple of weeks. according to service schedule it should be changed every 40000 miles. have full history with the car , and according to services invoices (all audi main dealer) it has never been changed...
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    Q7 major servicing at 79000 whats involved

    Hi, going to book my q7'in for a major service(on long life) (just passed its MOT with no advisories) I had a look at the service book, as far as I can see the following is needed. DUST and POLLEN filter OIL/ OIL FILTER change using long life oil FUEL FILTER changed . Inspection Have...
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    LED interior / exterior lighting

    Hi, I would like to replace the bulb in my Glovebox for an LED bulb, will this cause any errors? , do i need any specific ones . Would like to do the same in the boot of the Car. Did see these on ebay 1x Red Interior Glove Box Light LED [501,W5W,T10] High Power Upgrade Bulb | eBay...
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    MMI heated seat graphic on mmi screen on nonheated seat models ?

    Anybody notice this? If you are reading from the cd rom on the mmi screen (audi owners manuel) and adjust heating controls etc, the heating controls appear on the mmi screen , just before the heating controls disappear and go back to the cd manuel you can SEE THE HEATED SEAT SYMBOL on screen...
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    Q7 chrome switches for electric seats/lumbar

    Hi will the switches in ebay auction below fit my 56 plate Q7 Chrome Seat Adjustment Switch Black For AUDI A6 2005-2011 | eBay I did ask the seller and he said they wouldn't ,but just wanted to make sure Many thanks
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    Comfort Armrest Trim

    Hi all if you look on the later q7 models ie 2012 that have the comfort armrest , the exposed cup holder has chrome trim around it. anybody know if this trim can be retro fitted to earlier models. if yes does anyone have the part number ? best quattro25
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    Swapping in dash CD changer

    Is it possible to swap the in dash multi cd changer , for something like this Remote SD/MMC/USB 3" LCD FM Transmitter Car MP3 MP4 MP5 Player For Iphone Ipod | eBay I don't want control the above via the mmi, would like to know if I can power the above and some how connect it to the cars...
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    Emisson control light on. DIAGNOSTIC RESULTS ADDED (from breakdown people)

    I have just noticed that my emissions control light has come on. This is whats happening. with the engine running it sounds like there is a throbbing noise coming from the exhaust. also from the engine there is a ticking noise that sounds like chattering relays (quite loud). i took the...
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    Hidden menu access , software update ?

    Hi all I am going to buy a Ross tech cable from ilexa (authorised uk dealer) because I want to enable hidden menu on my2g mmi my q7 mmi has the 2860 software version . do I have to update to version 5570 before I am able to enable the hidden menu ? (have been quoted £270.00 from Poole...
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    Detailing in weymouth area

    Hi, can any one recommend a detailer in weymouth (Dorset) area ? poss weymouth/ dorchester / poole / Bournemouth cheers