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    Help with a running problem on boost please

    I come across a problem with my S3 yesterday, when driving gently it's seems fine but when I put my foot down a bit and the boost comes in strong (around 2500-3000) I get what feels like a misfire, just like when a coil pack goes. Happens in any gear, basically when the boost peaks. I've...
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    Audi Driver mag with Faz's old RS3 in it

    I have have a copy, just finished reading it, so if anyone else wants it to have a look at i'll pop it in the post if you cover costs, about £3 probably!
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    RS4/TT's reps for sale

    Hi guys want to get rid of my old wheels. 18's et33 multi hole fitment 4 without tyres, 3 could do with a refurb £25 each and £45 for the good one or £100 for all of them. pick up in Ipswich or maybe meet or you can arrange postage I'll get sone pics up at the weekend if there's...
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    Would 18" BBS CH's/LM's or Porsche Twists etc look silly on standard suspension??

    As the title says chaps, I'll need new tyers soon and my RS4 reps are shot so i think i might treat myself to wheels and tyres in one go, but I'm not to sure about the look of them on the standard set up?? or should i hunt about for some genuine RS TT's or just buy the reps and tyres of fleabay...
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    Xenon motors

    My near side light points down quite a lot more than the o/s but when i turn my lights on they both line up, but then it drops back down again, is this a motor problem or i know they can be aligned via vag com, could that fix it?
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    What are AP coilovers like???

    As it says really AMD are doing a good offer if you look at their section of this forum. Anyone had them or got them? Will coilovers be too harsh even on a soft setting?
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    OBD II Functions on your iphone

    I think this looks pretty cool, pretty much the same as the Liquid S3 i imagine. Probably cheaper too as all you need to do is buy the wifi adapter for the port and the app for the phone.. And obviously have the phone! Linky
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    Backdraft big turbo kit on ebay

    Anyone who is interested.. Also this And this
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    Aerial help

    Check this out, hardly anyone looks on the ice forum..
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    S3 Aerial connection

    What type of aerial connection does an 2001 S3 have which plugs into the aerial it's self?? My base is perished and I'm thinking of replacing it with one of these but not sure of the connection, and could i get an adapter if it is different...
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    GTI Inernational 09 I Know it's early but after spring fest I'm keen to meet up with everyone again, So who's thinking of going? It's a two day thing and we can camp!! Another club stand would be good.
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    Two questions and one bit of advice!

    Firstly how do you take out the climate control computer unit on a facelift S3? Secondly how do you remove the lights switch on same car? And my tip of the day is don't but those cheap shiny chromey audi dust caps of ebay, I've had some on there for about 3 months now and went to check the...
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    Funny door pin problem

    My door pin has decided to sit lower than it should when locked, it sort of goes into the hole by 1cm or so, and wen unlocked it only just comes out the hole, looks odd and i don't like it. The garage had the trim off to sort a problem out that they didn't do right the first time and now it's...
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    White line ARB's

    Has anyone got these or had experience with them? Are they any good? They are the best part of £100 cheaper than H&R and Nuespeed.. do you think that would reflect the quality? Is 22mm front and 18mm rear good sizes of the S3 too? Also they are adjustable does that mean i need a 4 wheel...
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    Service time..

    I got a quote from Audi to service the S3 yesterday, £225 + Vat for a 60k'er minus the cam belt and £55 + vat for the Haldex oil & filter, Does this sound reasonable to anyone? I thought it would have been a lot more than that as it's the major one. I was looking around at websites to compare...
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    What the hell is going on here?!?
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    Are these actually Brembo's?? I think he's got it wrong..

    As it say in the title! also would they fit an 8L S3?
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    Liquid S3 Readings!!

    Right guys i need some help, took the car out for a spin to check things over and noticed my Maf reading was 180 g/s max... BHP 233 max and 283 torque, by this i would say that the maf is buggered thats why my BHP is down, but i did some research and I'm lead to believe that a maf reading of...
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    Part numbers for climate control?? Help

    Guys, Can anyone help with the part numbers for the S3 climate control (facelift) unit. which part number is for which, as there are a few, I understand there is one that sits at the bottom of the console when you have the double din HU and one that sits in the middle if you have the single din...
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    Somtheing sticking???

    Hi guys, the car went into limp mode yesterday so I've been driving it carefully, theres no turbo whatsoever through the revs, it's been in limp mode all day today too but i haven't been above 3k really, i finally got ****** of with it and floored it in 2nd up to 6k and as soon as i done that if...