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  1. andyccr

    RS4 rear defuser

    RS4 backboxes are sooooo big they won't fit ! Tried to do it on my B6 cab, and the RS4 boxes are enormous, so we just cut off the tips in the end ! And there are two different widths of the bumper valence Andy
  2. andyccr

    RS4 Start Button

    Fitted to my B6 cabrio. Needs to be relayed up to work as the original button is nothing but a tiny microswitch, but easy enough to fit if you are ok with electronics. Andy
  3. andyccr

    Were piano black interior trims available on cabs?

    I've got the RS4 carbon trim in my cab which is a different finish to the S4 carbon trim I believe. Its the deepest and best carbon I've ever come across and love it to bits. I think it goes well with my dark red leather and ebony black car. Picked it up for a bargain price, no where near the...
  4. andyccr

    Auto dimming rear view mirror

    Did the conversion, took the B6 and B7 mirrors apart and mounted the B7mirror housing onto the B6 mount. Not a quick job but all done and wired up to work properly and it also dims my wing mirror glass - This is NOT a job for beginners, and in my B6 cab there was NO wiring in the headlining Andy
  5. andyccr

    B6 to B7 Cab rear lights

    Good to see some people are starting to follow the B6 to B7 trend !!! Its good to be back to the forums after a 9 month break due to work !!!! Anyone wanting B6 cab help then drop me a PM Andy
  6. andyccr

    Best Discs and Pads for 1.8T?

    Cant recommend the DS2500 / DS3000 pads enough, even on standard discs. Have run EBC before, and will NEVER run Green Stuff on large cars - there have been loads of reports of the pads breaking up. However Green Stuff on smaller hatch backs have been fine, I did loads of track days with green...
  7. andyccr

    Time to leave the B6 Forum

    Get a non resonated Milltek on it !!!!!!!
  8. andyccr

    B7 steering wheel into a B6

    The problem with having no aigbag could be that you invalidate your insurance, especially if it did not deploy in an accident and you were claiming for injuries. Just a word of warning ! Thats one one of the reasons that I've not changed my B6 wheel for the later B7 versions until someone can...
  9. andyccr

    A4 BBS Alloys - what are they worth ?

    Have seen brand new sets make £500, so probably go for something like £300 second hand maybe ? Unfortunately due to this supposed 'credit crunch' its a buyers market, but I rekon £300 is probably ok, maybe even a little more. Andy
  10. andyccr

    Tyre advice/help

    I have run Falkens on all my cars, Focus, Octavia vRS (Which did quite a few laps of the Nurburgring with the Falkens) and now have a pair on the front of the Cabriolet. I've also ordered some Kuhmo KU31s for my 106 Rallye for track for next year. As for MAXXIS tyres, NO THANKS - they are a...
  11. andyccr

    Next Project

    Surely a B6 S4 crash damaged or even a B7 RS4 might be a good price at the moment. I've seen a couple of B6 S4s damage repairable make absolutely nothing in a couple of salvage auctions. Even seen a couple of S6s make pennies Andy
  12. andyccr

    The time has come......

  13. andyccr

    Whats my S4 Worth?

    £22k - erm NO ! S4 values are the lowest I've seen them EVER. Poor MPG, high tax and insurance aren't helping. I think private sale is probably the only way to go as trader's aren't taking in anything like that at the moment. You might have to try and offer the buyer a deal on a warranty to...
  14. andyccr

    The time has come......

    BAH - crap excuse..... I think I've got £20, a few Euros, and some sheckels from Dubai, plus I've got half a pack of bourbons (but you'd have to haggle for those as they are my fave).........
  15. andyccr

    Remap on a 2.0T fsi S-line

    Join Date: Mar 2008 Location: Wirral, Merseyside Posts: 160 Thanks: 0 Thanked 7 Times in 7 Posts Up north ! Andy
  16. andyccr

    Cars in Dubai

    You haven't been down to the beach road then mate ! Loads of white SL55AMGs, various Brabus versions, plenty of S600s, Gallardos and Porsche turbos..... Remember they only normally come out to play late in the evening ! I can't wait to go back out, we have two trips planned next year, one in...
  17. andyccr

    21" alloys on an A4 Cab - Can it be done?

    Oh I bet the ride is tops on a Mini with 20s ! Just as well its a cooper S, otherwise it wouldn't pull the skin off a rice pudding !
  18. andyccr

    21" alloys on an A4 Cab - Can it be done?

    The ride is not particularily good on 19s as it is with s 235/35/19 let alone with 20s or 21s. I'm sure there was a guy on here with an S4 cabriolet who ran 20s with no problems. Even with the 19's on mine under hard acceleration it gets a bit skitish and tramlines very easily. As for 10.5j...
  19. andyccr

    Will PCD 114 fit 2004 A4 Cab?

    4x114 or 5x114 is the Jap size for 200SX, Skylines etc