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  1. Simon

    Audi Centre Dispute

    I expressed an opinion on a forum nothing more and I stand by it. I think you have taken a genuine complaint and made such a fuss about it in such a way that nobody is interested in helping you resolve it. Furthermore looking at the way you have expressed yourself in this thread only reinforces...
  2. Simon

    Audi Centre Dispute

    Tbh I think you are being a bit Karen about all this. You said you got a great deal, just enjoy it and move on.
  3. Simon

    Would I be a fool to get a manual?

    The gearbox in my GTR is auto excellent - never gets in the way of a spirited drive as the paddles are super responsive. And then if I choose I can dawdle around and not think about it. I purposely bought a manual S4 “because I love a manual gearbox” and tbh really regret it!
  4. Simon

    Would I be a fool to get a manual?

    Have you ever driven a good auto - ie a proper dual clutch trans?
  5. Simon

    Looking some help with lights

    Something like that would work I expect
  6. Simon

    Looking some help with lights

    Should be able to find a live feed from the headlight circuit I would have thought.
  7. Simon

    How much should i be paying for fitting 35mm lowering springs?

    The pinch bolt is at the top of the suspension upright and is known for cracking when being changed resulting in the whole upright needing to be replaced
  8. Simon

    How much should i be paying for fitting 35mm lowering springs?

    Tbh it is not that difficult a job, but there are a few things that can go wrong such as the pinch bolt. I suspect you are getting the “we don’t want the job” prices
  9. Simon

    How much should i be paying for fitting 35mm lowering springs?

    A Mobile mechanic, but I got quoted the same price from CJ Mechanical in Nottingham
  10. Simon

    How much should i be paying for fitting 35mm lowering springs?

    I paid £160 with no alignment, just got ETS to do that for £70
  11. Simon

    Older but lower mileage or newer but higher mileage?

    Always buy on condition, spec and history, if that is equal I go for less miles generally. of those two I'd go for option one lower miles, better spec, 5 months is not enough age to make me think twice.
  12. Simon

    Audi Centre Dispute

    Just goes to show how little Audi care about their customers, even of their Halo cars. don’t feel too bad though Nissan treat their GTR buyers even worse.
  13. Simon

    Audi Centre Dispute

    if the deal you got for the car still isn't a better deal if you pay for the cosmetic repairs yourself is it sill a better deal than rejecting and starting again? For the record Audi UK barely care at all about their reputation, if they did their dealership network wouldn't be as poor as it is...
  14. Simon

    LED guy

  15. Simon


    15% if you are buying 4...
  16. Simon images copyright hosting policy

    You are correct, copyright remains with the person that took the picture, however by uploading it (and depending on your sharing settings) you grant a royalty free permission for Facebook to use the images however they like including for commercial gain So long as the image or any shared copy of...
  17. Simon

    Story about returning to UK quarantine

    Unless you know that person directly I would say ******** scare mongering. As far as I understand it details of people going to pubs/restaurants are not routinely shared with the authorities unless someone who went to that venue contracts covid.
  18. Simon images copyright hosting policy

    Facebook/instagram etc if you upload a picture they own the copyright in perpetuity and technically could sue you if you use the picture elsewhere without their permission. I would expect any forum would have similar wording in their policies.
  19. Simon


    I keep getting emails to say that someone from IP has requested a tempory password for my username - obviously this isn't me. any ideas? Simon
  20. Simon

    VAG Colour help needed

    Jeez it's a long time since I've been on here - all change from the look of things! Are there still arguments about the relative merits of APR vs REVO?? anyway I need some help - I'm having a car resprayed and trying to decide which colour to go with. I was shown a metallic black with a purple...