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  1. Marek196c

    Sold Audi A3 Sportback Sport 2.0 tdi 225 WHP

    So for sale is my Audi A3 as per title, I will copy paste eBay ad as there is basically all about car, as honest as I can go, you can see as well thread in A3 8P forum: Hi from Coventry Please rather send me message via eBay as rarely got time to log in here (sadly). Ad on eBay: Click here
  2. Marek196c

    Audi Maps Update

    Hi everyone, writing in name of my dad about the most rolled-over question. Navigation updates. So he got an 13 plate A6 C7 with MMI 3G+ and maps on SD card, the card is from 2013 so as you can guess it's a bit off date, so he wanted to update it but seem to do it with Audi it's cost of 200£...
  3. Marek196c

    Cruise control retrofit 2010 a3

    Hi guys today with @ROB64 we tried to retrofit Cruise control on his 2010 a3 s-line 170 tdi. So the stalk we used was from pre fl (2005 i guess) a3. Anyway we mounted it, everything went preety straight forward, as car already got MFSW I'm sure it was correct module is fitted. So I've done...
  4. Marek196c

    Where to remap?

    Hi guys, someone got previous good experience with garages around coventry that offering roller remap? I heard about NARCO, QUANTUM, COVENTRY REMAPS, but I'm getting confused. I was about getting my bb to Narco but got no reply from them, so seen Quantum etc... but from their on-line info I got...
  5. Marek196c

    Sweet turbo ciouuu ciouuu

    Hi everyone, last times I was just looking for turbos etc for my lovely bkd 140pd. I know that from factory one (GT1749vk if remember well) can go up to 170hp. But changing it with gt2256vk or 2260vk I can go 200+hp. Then I know that my original Injectors are up to 215hp +/-. Then I heard about...
  6. Marek196c

    concert II radio

    Hi all, as I'm starting to working on the PC inside my A3 I looked for connect it as cd changer (analogical audio in and audio commands like next play stop etc...) but I can't find anywhere the codes sent between the radio and changer as well the clock speed rate, then the V+ (as well signal)...
  7. Marek196c

    Hi from Coventry

    Hi all, my name is Marek and how aome of you could expect I'm polish (but I m speaking also italian and a bit of english, sorry if is bad :) ) Anyway I'm new here so hello to everyone. About my car. I'm from october an owner of Audi a3 sportback (2005 2.0 tdi bkd) That I bought as spares and...