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  1. cbeadle2508

    XENONZ.CO.UK opinions please?

    I've recently got myself some Carbon Fibre overlay mirror covers from ebay for my white B8.5 and am now browsing the Carbon Fibre products that have, in particular the rear spoilers. Has anybody had any products from here and can give me some feedback/photos before I order? Is...
  2. cbeadle2508

    Video In Motion with Hidden Menu?

    Does anybody know if Video In Motion (VIM) can be enabled with the Hidden Menu or is this something that needs VAG COM coding? I've enabled the hidden menu with Carista App so any suggestions and guides on anything useful/cool that i can do in the hidden menu would be gratefully accepted.
  3. cbeadle2508

    New To The World Of The Audi

    Hey Everyone. So i recently picked up my 2012 A4 SLine and love it, although there are a few things that it's lacking in, and at some point i'll be looking to retrofit them. First thing i want to do, is see if anyone in my area (Gloucestershire, UK) may have VAG-COM VCDS software, as i want to...