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  1. consilio

    What tyres

    Getting ready for some new tryes, and looking at the tyres the car came with (Dunlops) they are one of those daft "AO" audi only codes that instantly add 20% to the price. Have been quoted £168 a tyre on those! So, any suggestions on alternatives or should I stick with the suggested tyre?
  2. consilio

    S4 Longlife services

    Hi, I had my S4 serviced for the first time in March, at 12k miles by an independent Audi specialist. Now at 19k miles it wants another one, only 7k miles added since the last service I would have expected it to come in at around another 12k miles from the previous service as my driving...
  3. consilio

    How many miles did your new car have?

    Just a question for those who have collected brand new cars. My last 2 Audi's, from two different dealers have had about 40 miles on the clock, and both times I thought this was high. Perhaps both of mine were pulled off the line for road testing, which I think they do at random at the...
  4. consilio

    B8 A4 / S4 2010 onwards aftermarket subwoofer install

    So ive been trawling the net researching the possibility of upgrading the stock sound system with an aftermarket subwoofer. It took me ages to find out all the little nuggets of info that I needed, and even then there were still some blanks, so I thought I would make a build thread for others to...
  5. consilio

    A4/S4 sub

    Has anyone got any experience of adding an aftermarket subwoofer to this car (non B&O currently)? I think there is already a sub in the roof of the boot space but i'd like to upgrade it. I was thinking of putting one in the space to the left of the boot behind a hatch in the boot lining. What...
  6. consilio

    Had to put a dog down this morning

    As per the title. Basically next doors dog got into my brother in laws garden, and his dog killed the neighbours dog. It was a tough decision and we felt that as it was the neighbours dog escaping into another garden, it wasn't the dogs fault. Dogs are territorial after all, and they have...
  7. consilio

    S4 accelerator "turbo mode"

    OK maybe not the right thread title, but has anyone else noticed that there seems to be a little bit extra travel on the accelerator if you press a little harder? So you put your foot to the floor and it feels like it is depressed fully, but if you apply a bit more pressure there is a little...
  8. consilio

    A4 Dunlop tyres

    Anyone else got these on from the factory and finding them a bit noisy? Car is so quiet except for the droning of tyres!
  9. consilio

    B8 S4 mpg

    So, what sort average mpg are you getting / how many miles out of a full tank? Not getting much at all at the moment but only picked it up on Tuesday so hopefully it will loosen up
  10. consilio


    Hi, I'm picking up the S4 in the morning, is there anything I should watch out for? Also what do you recommend for running in, taking it easy or give it some beans from the start? Thanks
  11. consilio

    Selling the S3

    Evening, Just placed an ad online for my S3 and having not had a lot of experience in selling cars, I thought I would see what you all thought. Any constructive criticism welcome as well as comments on the asking price? 2007 AUDI S3 S3 Quattro 3dr Hatchback Thanks
  12. consilio

    Standard s4 seats

    What seats come as standard in the S4? Are they the leather / alcantera buckets with s4 embossing, or are they something else? A pic would be good as I'm not sure what I'll be getting and if I need to change my order? Thanks
  13. consilio

    Noises and loose gears

    Ok a strange title but I couldn't work out how to describe this. When starting the car I sometimes get a rattle from the engine bay before the engine fires up. Also in first and second gear when easing off there seems to be a bouncing motion as if there is too much play in the transmission...
  14. consilio

    S3 extended warranty

    My car comes up to 3 years old in December, and as my new car won't be built until march now I was considering extending this. How much should I expect to pay. Have been quoted £750 for 1 year by my local dealer which seemed like a lot to me
  15. consilio

    S4 lead times

    Hi, Just wondering what the leads times have been like from order to delivery on the S4? I have been quoted anything from 2 to 4 months, and when placing the order they said it might not be here in time to beat the VAT hike. eeek! Thanks
  16. consilio

    Gas man trying to rip me off

    What do you reckon to this.... About 3 years ago I built a path outside my house. Because the plastic (partially submerged in ground) gas meter box would have been a trip hazard, we removed the plastic lid, built some support around the gas meter and put a manhole cover on top - all still...
  17. consilio

    S4 purchase

    Hi, I have just put a deposit down on an Ibis White S4, delivery expected in December. I have the following options Heated front seats Tech pack high Advanced Key Folding mirrors I cant wait! Out of interest, does anyone have experience of costs and frequency of servicing / tyres etc? Ive...
  18. consilio

    Selling the S3

    Hi, Just after some advice really from anyone who has completed a private sale of an S3? My dealer isn't offering what I am after so it looks like a private sale is the only alternative. Just wondering where is the best place to advertise, how long it took to shift, and what you did for test...
  19. consilio

    How much for my S3

    Hi everyone, I am looking at part-ex'ing the S3 at a main dealer, and notice that cars of similar age, mileage, and spec are on sale for about £19k - £19.5k. The dealer has offered me £16k. Obviously i'm not going to get the same money as a private sale and the dealer needs to make a profit...
  20. consilio

    S4 Finance

    Hi, I am looking at purchasing a new S4 with around £2k of options - this is an upgrade from my S3 Firstly what sort of discount is available and where from, and also, as i usually lease or PCP my cars, what sort of deals are available (term, deposit, mileage and monthly payments)? Thanks in...