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  1. motorbikez

    Another one for the Bikers

    Teach Mc Neil drifting and generally messing about on a BMW S1000RR the bike that is going to take the sportbike market by storm this year,although I would have to say the bike looks weird from the front.
  2. motorbikez

    Bikers what do you think of this.

    BMW concept 6, the engine of this stunning IMHO machine is already scheduled to go into BMWs K series touring bike the LT or GT.If BMW make this concept as is I will buy it.
  3. motorbikez

    A proper BURNOUT

    Guy destroys his bike at hogwash rally.Don't know how he's going to explain this to his insurance company. JBoT0A3qGAo
  4. motorbikez

    Jamie Whitam( former BSB rider) test rides R1

    This is an old one but you guys might not have seen it.Brave salesman on the back of Jamie Whitam former BSB rider very funny lPBgtRL
  5. motorbikez

    Britain's got talent pt 2

    Shaun Smith talented 17 year old boy,slightly better than Susan Boyle IMHO
  6. motorbikez

    Moto Gp motegi

    Live kick off 0645 BBC2 on Sunday Vale on pole stoner 2nd Lorenzo 3rd lets hope this race is more exciting than the last one at Quatar.
  7. motorbikez

    Financial Prospects for 2009

    Its that time of year again guys the same poll I have put up for the last 3 years, lets have your comments and opinions as to where our government is taking us financially. On a personal note I am worse off than last year having given myself a 20% pay cut on a positive note I still have a...
  8. motorbikez

    Manchester blows out congestion charge

    The residents of Manchester have dealt a death blow to congestion charges even though the government were bribing them with a £1.5 billion sweetener saying they were going to improve public transport. YEAH right, brown sure fooled the public of Manchester NOT. The vote was 4-1 against the...
  9. motorbikez

    Porsche lifts stake in VAG

    Not all shares are falling yesterday VW group shares leapt by 147% as porsche announced that it now controls 74.1% of VAG.Porsche now owns 42.6% of VAG through a direct equity stake and options on another 31.5%.It aims to increase its direct equity stake to 50% by the end of the year and 75% by...
  10. motorbikez

    Is gordon brown having a laugh ?

    Brown tells families waste not want not, that f--king idiot is telling families not to make unessesary purchases and not waste food as he says we are chucking £420 of food away a year which comes to £1 biilion. Pity brown when he was chancellor didn't take his own advise and spend tax payers...
  11. motorbikez

    I thought car dealers were having a hard time

    Looking for a new small turbo diesel for the misses went into the local vauxhall dealer.Receptionist sat there with a face like an a--e no greeting so I asked for a brochure on a corsa which she duly handed me didn't ask if I wanted to speak with a salesman so I wondered around the showroom past...
  12. motorbikez

    MOTO GP Assen Sat 12.45

    Just a reminder Toesland Rossi and co Dutch GP 12.45 kick off on SAT not the usual SUN race.Lets hope James does better than last week erm alot better.
  13. motorbikez

    Seagulls Grr

    Today I parked up in an empty car park in Workington To eat my sarnies as I was eating an apple I noticed a seagull about 4ft from drivers door watching me eat my apple.Now normally I would throw seagulls a piece of bread or a biscuit but never chucked apple out as I didn't think it would eat...
  14. motorbikez

    Financial prospects for 2008 mark 2

    Just thought I would resurrect this poll from Jan 2007 to see how members felt now about their financial prospects now we have had the credit crunch and the northern rock debacle, record fuel prices and steadily rising inflation.In the previous poll members polled as near as matters. 50%...
  15. motorbikez

    MOTO GP 1pm Sun BBC 2

    Vale is on poll position at Mugello our own James Toesland 8th on the grid don't miss this one.
  16. motorbikez

    Michael Schumacher

    7 times world F1 champion michael schumacher is racing a honda fireblade in Germanys equivalent of british superbikes this weekend should be interesting to see how he gets on, by all accounts he is very quick on a bike.
  17. motorbikez

    MOTO GP Shanghai live 7.45am sunday

    BBC1 7.45 start Collin Edwards on pole Rossi 2nd on the grid James Toesland 7th on grid.Should be worth getting out of bed for or :thumbsup:if you've had a heavy night watch it before you go to bed.
  18. motorbikez

    MOTO GP portugal today 12.30 BBC 2

    Jorge Lorenzo secured his 3rd consecutive pole position at Estoril yesterday whinger Stoner was 9th race starts 1pm.British interest with our own James Toesland doing a good job on a tech 3 Yamaha.
  19. motorbikez

    MOTO GP Jerez Spain

    Starts 12.30 today Rossi is going to have his hands full today as his teamate spaniard Jorge Lorenzo smashed the lap record to take pole position.Our own James Toesland current world superbike champion who switched to Moto Gp is 8th on the grid. Should be some fireworks.
  20. motorbikez

    MPs Pensions

    A typical employee in the average pension scheme would have to work for 62 years to earn the pension due to an MP who would only have to work 13 years.MPs recieve a pension of almost £20,000 a year after completing only 13 years of service the average stint an MP does. Someone in the private...