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  1. __DyNaSTY_X_

    New A3 Xenon Plus Headlights

    I have them on my 2 week old 07 Sportback^^ I live in Austria - so here it's a must by law.
  2. __DyNaSTY_X_


    Guys, a quick off topic question (since now john_cook seems to have decided on the RNS-E over TomTom.)... What do you all use to clean the nav screen? I got my new baby :cool: 6 Days ago and already some dust has made itself comfy on the nav screen but not really sure on what to use, as i...
  3. __DyNaSTY_X_


    Playlist stays in the order you saved. :yes:
  4. __DyNaSTY_X_

    Volvo C30 anyone ?

    I like the front view...thats about it. :gaehn:
  5. __DyNaSTY_X_

    Courtesy Headlights

    The option is called "Coming home / Leaving Home". And i have to agree, the option is very handy indeed + it looks good ;)
  6. __DyNaSTY_X_

    A3 make-over?

    I can only agree with Granny, at this rate you could just go on and on WAITING on something that is bound to change.... After all VW will bring out the new GOLF mk6 model in 2008, maybe also a A3 mk3 to follow soon after the golf is out?! So just go for it, or u'll completly miss out on a...
  7. __DyNaSTY_X_

    New car delivery times?

    10 months on the new TT... damn. Doubt i'd be able to wait so long for a car. That coming from someone had to wait 5 months for an A3.
  8. __DyNaSTY_X_

    New car delivery times?

    I am amazed as how smooth things go for most of you people in UK. I for one had nightmares, ordered back on MAY 15th, was told the exact same thing 6-8 weeks. Heard nothing at all in regards to the car into 6th week after order. So got in contact with dealer, no info from him. 7,8,9,10...
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    Anyone got a clue of it would it be possible to retrofit the mp3 6 cd changer (with NAV+ factory installed)??? I know i can use the SD cards, but additionally having the mp3 cd changer option would be a BIG +.
  10. __DyNaSTY_X_

    Calera design, Dealer supplied alloys

    Is that price from the dealer? What size is it that you are looking at, 17'/18'/19' - (not sure if they even have em in 19)??
  11. __DyNaSTY_X_

    Calera design, Dealer supplied alloys

    Nope, but calera's look real good on the A3 SB. Size 17' or 18'?? ^^Either way good choice, if you go for em.
  12. __DyNaSTY_X_

    New S3 up close (pics)

    wow, the R8 looks hawt. :thumbsup: S3 in solar orange = :keule: I'd take it only in Red OR Sprint Blue....
  13. __DyNaSTY_X_

    Straight diesel exhausts

    Hi all, quick question - Is it possible to get the votex tail pipes without having the votex rear valance piece?? I remember reading somewhere that it was only possible to get as a "package". I'm guessing this are the same tail pipes being mentioned on this thread...
  14. __DyNaSTY_X_

    would I be mad

    I think you are the one who got's to be happy with the car day in day out... If you can afford to go make a loss in the financial part but then be happy, why not? Sucks to have to wait 3 months (i'm still waiting on my car - 14th week now!) but hey at least you'd be getting the car exactly as...
  15. __DyNaSTY_X_

    Audi warning

    Not sure if this has been posted before but here ya go anyway: :biggrin:
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    I see, thanks for the info.
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    So this option is not available on the A3/SB?
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    I understood "electrically folding" As in when you park the car/turn off engine, ive seen some cars (bmw 5/7 series to be precise) fold the door mirrors upwards/inwards so they don't stick out like in normal driving position. That description on the list in no way hints to auto dipping (when...
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    Sorry to sound like the biggest NOOB around, but how exactly do you get this option?? Does it come with the parking sensor? I never saw it as an extra, when making the order...
  20. __DyNaSTY_X_

    S3 - First official Pics

    That looks terrible, imo. :puke2: