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  1. bonifacy87

    3.0 tdi clutch buying advice

    Hello everyone. I need a little advice about clutch. Does anyone know if these is right clutch for my car (a4 b8 2008 3.0 tdi CCWA) And if I...
  2. bonifacy87

    16618 Boost pressure sensor issue

    Hello everyone. I've got extremely weird issue with my sensor. I already replaced it and the error is still there. Now I get to details. It only appears when I push my key in to switch ignition only without starting a car. If I do that with a clutch pressed to start a car the error is not...
  3. bonifacy87

    Humming noise when turning.

    Hi. My car developed another issue today. When turning at slow speed (up to 30mph) there is a humming noise from the front of the car. It feels almost like the wheels are rubbing against something. No big vibration or anything. I've checked power steering fluid and it green with correct level...
  4. bonifacy87

    3.0 tdi weird behaviour.

    Something very strange happened today on the way home from work (19 miles trip mainly motorway). Firstly I was stuck in start stop traffic for about 4 miles. Then 12 miles nice and clear motorway. When I've reached my town and I stopped on traffic lights revs didn't drop to 600 as they usually...
  5. bonifacy87

    Cornering lights issue

    Hi. As in the topic I've got a little issue with my fog lights. I've enabled them as cornering lights with carista app some time ago and everything was working great until few weeks back when a friend enabled for me audi drive select. Now they only work with indicators on. They don't come on...
  6. bonifacy87

    Uncommon v6 swirl flap error

    Hi. I've got an engine management light on recently. After scan I shows this error Engine is running fine. I've found a guy who can provide refurbished flaps with servo for 180 euro with a lifetime warranty. My question is. Should I buy whole kit or just a flaps or a servo? If I decide to...
  7. bonifacy87

    a4 b8 brake fluid reservoir air leak

    Hi. Just notice to night when I've stopped at work. I've got like an air leak noise coming from brake fluid reservoir. Brake pedal seems to OK. Haven't noticed any changes in braking behaviour. Has anyone any idea? I don't really want to mess with brake system myself. Does anyone in High Wycombe...
  8. bonifacy87

    Calipers painted - finally

    After two days of wire brushing and painting this is a final result. Hope it last long. Before: After: Wheels on: I'd love to know what do you people think.
  9. bonifacy87

    Help with parts numbers

    Hi. I need some parts numbers and I've no clue how to find them. I don't know what they called and what exactly I need but I try to explain as much as I can. My car is a4 b8 2008 with mmi 2g with sat nav. 1st Rubber thing that sits under gears shifter gaiter. 2nd I think there is a piece of...
  10. bonifacy87

    Winter tyre advice

    Hello. I need to buy a set of winter tyres for my trip to Poland this Christmas and I need an advice. I have standard 18 inch alloys on my A4 3.0tdi and 245/40 tyres. Do I need to buy the same size tyres or I could go with 235/45 18R. If I go with 235/45 18R will this affect my speedometer and...
  11. bonifacy87

    A4 B8 3.0TDI CCWA Fault code help please

    I went to work last night and after I parked a car and strated it again I have got glow plugs light on as well as EML. On the way back home car had no power. I do not have access to vcds but using carista app I got two codes: P0236 Turbocharger Boost Sensor "A" Circuit Range/Performance P1430...
  12. bonifacy87

    Door seal coming off.

    Hi. My drivers door seal is coming off and I have no idea what kind of adhesive to use. The reason that is coming of is that audi did not make a holes in it at the bottom (don't know previous owner didn't notice it) to drain water. Any ideas on adhesive.
  13. bonifacy87

    3.0tdi oil dipstick

    Hi. I'd recently bought a dipstick but I can remove the cap from the place where dipstick suppose go. I can turn it around but no movement up and down. Has anybody ever took it off? The other thing is that the dipstick is made from plastic and I'm not to sure if it's safe to live it in? Any...
  14. bonifacy87

    CR fuel pump belt.

    Hi. My car has nearly 60k on the clock and I was thinking about changing the belt on fuel pump. Has anybody done it? What else do I need apart from belt? What are the costs for the parts? Does the hole front need to go down or it can be done with bumper on? My car is a4 b8 3.0tdi CCWA engine...
  15. bonifacy87

    Gearbox And Rear Differential Oil

    Hi. I want to change oil in my manual gearbox and rear differential and as I am not a mechanic I have few questions. Is it the same oil for both of these? What oil to get? How much oil do I need? I've read somewhere that red line mt 90 is good for rear differential but I don't know if it would...
  16. bonifacy87

    Hi Everyone

    Hi I'm Sebastian from High Wycombe. I've a4 b8 3.0tdi sline on 08 plates. Hope to meet good people here and maybe enjoy some events together.