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  1. J8TT X

    Advice Needed: Injectors Gone After Recall 3yrs Ago

    Hi, Asking for advice on behalf of a friend. Searched the site and not seen anything similar. His 2007 Audi 170 A3 lost power on the motorway on the weekend, luckily he managed to get it to the hard shoulder safely. Audi diagnosed that all 4 injectors and loom need replacing at a cost of...
  2. J8TT X

    Drying your car after it has rained?

    Does anyone do this? Is it worth it to keep the car clean? I was tempted to go over the car with a squidgy but was just wondering if any one else does it and what they use?
  3. J8TT X

    My First Detailing effort, Black A3

    Thought it was time to get the car ready for autumn. Never detailed before but learned a lot on here so thought I would give it a go. I used 2 buckets, grit guard, wash mitts, microfiber drying towel, Applicator pads and microfiber polishing clothes. washed with Meguiars Ultimate wash and wax...
  4. J8TT X

    A3 number plate LED lights

    Hi, can I have a price for the following delivered please: 4H0 943 021 4H0 943 022 Thanks
  5. J8TT X

    Advice on first detailing with re-sprayed A3

    Hi all, I'm new to this detailing world and would like some advice please. I have just had my black A3 re-sprayed, and would like to get into a habit of keeping it clean and protected. I have the following at my disposal: Meguiars Ultimate Wash & Wax Shampoo Meguiars Ultimate Liquid Wax...
  6. J8TT X

    Anyone know what this is called? pic

    Hi, Im missing the below cover (circled) from my drivers side wing, anyone know the Part No or name?, its quite hard to explain when asking breakers for it. Thanks
  7. J8TT X

    Non Genuine front bumper opinons?

    Has any one fitted one of these to their car? for example: Audi A3 2004 2008 Front Bumper Not S-Line - Painted - BRAND NEW | eBay Im guessing there rubbish and not worth getting? thanks
  8. J8TT X

    Throttle Pedal not responsive, no error codes?

    Hi, I have an A4 1.9tdi 130. 2001, with high miles. 3 times in the last 3 months I have had a problem when the throttle pedal stops working, there’s no revs and the car just roles to a stop. The car will only move on clutch. If left for a couple of hours the car drives without any problems...
  9. J8TT X

    Passenger Side Door Speaker really Low volume?

    Hi, Ive searched the forum and still need help!! My passenger side front door speaker works but has really low volume compared to the drivers side. (Low as in you have to put our ear to the speaker to hear it) Ive removed the speaker and swapped it with the drivers door speaker and its still...
  10. J8TT X

    Car struggling to go over 70mph??

    Hi, Had this problem on the weekend which has never happened before, could anyone shed any light to why it happened? Drove to liverpool with a full tank of diesel, boot full and 4 passengers, the car felt sluggish and slowly increased to around 70 when it wouldnt go any faster, my foot was all...
  11. J8TT X

    MAJOR service due.. Help needed

    Hey Guys, Advice needed.. My 2005 A3 2ltr TDI 140, needs a full service, I want all the usual done plus cambelt. Its on 110k with limited history so I thought I would do everything in one go. The previous owner didnt really look after it and im unsure what has or hasnt been done. Ive owned it...
  12. J8TT X

    Price please

    Hi, I have a 2005 (8p1) A3 2.0TDi Could you give me a price for the Brake Fluid Reservoir Cap I think thats the name for it? Thanks