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    Bad earth help from throttle body A3 3.2 Sport

    Hi all my A3 sport Quattro broke down the other week on the busiest spot in scotland, hermiston gate roundabout in edinburgh and when the aa came out to see what the problem was, he did loads of checks and informed me that there was a bad earth from the throttle body causing the car to shut...
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    How do I attach a signature ?

    Was looking to do this to attach my car history but can't seem to find it in my profile ? Cheers
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    My new purchase, anyone recognise it ?

    few wee niggles that are bothering me, rear wiper is kinda loose and sits on the paintwork think the wheels are a bit too big, anyone know the origional size ? And what kinda A3 3.2 Quattro is it ? It's a 53 plate origionaly, Not sure if bits have been added or if the origional 1 came like this...
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    Hey all

    Hi all, just acquired an A3 3.2 Quattro after selling my celica st205 gt4, got to say its a lot quieter and smoother than my gt4 lol Feels really smooth to drive and has a bit of a kick when u need it :-) I was a member of the gt4 forum for over 2 years and did most of the work on the celica...