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  1. Whimsy

    Where to log map issues

    Hi, is there a place to log problems with the map data ( ie junctions that have changed shape etc ) with Audi or who ever does their mapping ? I guess along the same lines ( but maybe the wrong section ) , is there a similar place to log issues such as the left hand side of the screen not...
  2. Whimsy

    Tyre Pressure

    Hi, this might be nothing, but checked tyres today ( long trip tomorrow ) and the 245/45 R19 102y on my A6 Avant that haven't been touched since leaving the showroom a month ago are at 50 PSI. All the tables I can see are set at 35 / 2.4. Have Basingstoke Audi once again stuffed up ? Or am I...
  3. Whimsy

    A6 Sat Nav - forgetting home address

    Hi, the new navigation system on our new A6 keeps forgetting the Home address we set. Its worked a few times, but twice in the last two weeks the address shown on the favourites has disappeared and it shows ans no location has been set for it. Any ideas? Is this a common issue. Waze via...
  4. Whimsy


    I have returned to the Audi, a few years back I had a nice SLine A4 Avant ( used to post on Tyresmoke a little ), then moved away to a golf, but I am back again with a new A6 Avant SLine!