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  1. Steff s3

    RS3 Ownership Age.

    Thought I'd ask this,ecspecialy after seeing an OP's insurance questions when thinking about buying a used RS3. And decided against buying it cause of insurance prices and age. Plus also that I seen a totally mint silver RS3 with an elder gentleman driving it who must of been in his late...
  2. Steff s3


    Well today has been a total pisser. Car pulls out at a junction and whack!!! New bonnet,bumper,head light,front splitter required, then once done in for PPF again. 30days wait for paint to cure before this is applied... Yep Raging
  3. Steff s3

    Annoying rubber.

    Hi people. Friday morning in the early hours I discovered I had a flat front tyre, gutted I was but hyho it happens. Of course no spare so tyre weld into it run it a bit, inflate to correct psi and get it home. Next day of to get a tyre (tyres) only to be told up to 2 weeks waiting time as...
  4. Steff s3

    Audi expired warranty

    Hi people. Was wondering what people's thoughts are about keeping a RS3 after Audi warranty has expired. Not a lot of these cars,from what I've read and noticed in the classifieds sections have a lot of miles on them, so potentially giving more reassurance, I picked mines up with 7000 miles on...
  5. Steff s3

    RS being protected.

    Well after taking my time and finding out a bit more about it and what was best and what actually gets covered I put my buddy into Reep Paisly to be pampered by Craig. It's on-going but I've no doubt I'll be blown away by it on collection.
  6. Steff s3

    RS3 mileage/miles.

    Hi folks, just looking for your opinions and thoughts and advice on this. I bought a RS3 abought 2weeks ago,iv shared some pics already of it on the forum for all to see. Anyway since then iv done near 700 mile in it,and it's been very pleasing and intertaining,and the noise it...
  7. Steff s3

    RS3 collection today.

    Hi Guys. Well as the title says really,collect later today and after popping in and having a look at it I can't believe of all days to collect it's ******* down,also just had Apr stage1 removed from my S3 before hand over,gutted to see it go really. Here's a few pics before it gets wet and dirty...
  8. Steff s3

    S3 for RS3

    Hi Guys. New to this forum though admittedly I'm on it every day having a nosey to see what is going on and who is doing what to there S3's. As the title says....I'm trading in my pearlescent black 2014 S3 sport back for a Nardo Grey 2015 RS3. Always wanted an RS but as time goes on to pick up...