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    A3 rear sline tow eye cover

    Hi, we have a 2006 A3 sline sportback which had to have a new rear tow eye cover put on it when we purchased it and this came primed, not the colour of the s-line grey plastic part, so the dealer had to spray it (Crewe Audi) but did a poor job of it and it does not match at all. They wanted to...
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    Anyone help with this part?

    Does anyone know if the tow eye covers on the 2 cars below are the same size/shape/fitament? The part for the older sportback comes primed when you buy a new one from audi but the 2009 one comes in satin black according to etka which i presume will be the same as the rest of the plastic bumper...
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    Milltek exhaust, will I need a reducer?

    I have bought a second hand non res milltek cat-back, just wandered will the pipe going to the cats fit straight onto them or will I need a reducer? I don't see a part number for a reducer anywhere, and awesome Gti couldn't find one, but I have read in some place I think that a reducer might be...
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    S3 Milltek cat back on a 2.0T quattro???

    Does anyone know if i would be able to fit a 3dr S3 Milltek cat back exhaust onto my 3dr 2.0T quattro? I prefer the 'special tips' that they offer on the S3 one. I have been told that i should be able to just change my exhaust hanger for an S3 one and it should fit? Just wandered if anyone...
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    Paint code for S-Line rear valance (grey bit)???

    I know the lower grey bit on the rear sline valance isn't painted but i just brought an a3 sportback which has had a new tow eye cover and new tow eye covers only come primed according to audi, for some unknown reason they dont just come in the grey plastic like the rest of the valance! The...
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    Parking Sensors not working??

    My rear parking sensors seemed to have stopped working, when i put it into reverse i just get a long beep then it goes off and if i reverse near something the sensors dont beep anymore? Anyone know what it could be?
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    How Much!!!

    Just been looking on audi used car locator and i think i found the most expensive sportback in the world! :)
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    Cheaper Votex Skirts

    Just a heads up really, i have brought a set of Votex side skirts from Stafford Audi for £225 which is about £100 cheaper than normal. there was an advert on ebay for them, it has gone now but might be worth giving them a ring to see if they will still do it for that price! I have seen a few...
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    Anyone fitted a Parrot to a Symphony II with Bose?

    I have a parrot CK3000 evolution to fit to my A3 which has a symphony II radio/cd changer with Bose. I have the radio out and the there are 2 plugs attached to the radio, one is a normal ISO connector and the other is a wider type plug. Yhe parrot comes with 2 normal ISO connections. So do i...
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    Difference between std suspension setups?

    Does anyone know the difference between the different trim levels on the suspension height? ie. how much lower is the sline from the se and sport etc???
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    Xenon match Sidelights

    Just wanted to let you all know if you are looking for a good sidelight to match your xenons/xenon look bulbs i have just got some good sidelights to match. They are normal bulbs (not LED's seeing as our cars dont let us use them), i got them off Ebay from Autobulbs Direct and only cost £3.50...
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    Car spluttering and Emissions light on

    I have had my car a total of 6 days and today on the way home the engine emissions light started coming on and off and the car started spluttering. Nearer home the light came on permantly and now the car is spluttering really bad and i can hardly rev it, it is pretty much undriveable! Anyone...