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    RS 4 Tyre Valve Help and Warning!

    Yes absolutely correct they took the caps off and I inherit the problem. So I did quote the wrong g gas. Silly me! Thanks for all of your imput a y more help would be appreciated. Sorry about my late reply been without uk wireless.
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    RS 4 Tyre Valve Help and Warning!

    I have a 2007 RS 4 and love it to death! However being rather sensible I opted for using HYDROGEN, an inert gas to inflate my tyres with, also did away with those hideous silver plastic caps and got proper Schrader metal ones, the inert gas is also better for the tyres. Not only that but with...
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    Front wiper mechanism issues.

    The "Slow wiper mechanism repair" by Quattrojames will help if you have not already done it. Good luck.
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    Just had to replace my battery as all of a sudden NOTHING jump starterd and ok, left overnight and guess what? No power again!! New battery magic BUT can you help lost all bluetooth connection for Phone and voice command. Help its a nightmare!!
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    B7 RS4 - Average MPG ...

    MPG what's that? I just enjoy driving THE CAR it purrs like a kitten and growles like a lion when us USE it. No matter where you are it always brings the knowing nod and smile of approval from knowledgeable people. Some even being upfornt enough to say "is that my new car?" Stelath pack on it is...
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    Remap on the RS6

    Have recently been driving a 500+ bhp RS6 and the conversion was done by DMS Automotive Excellent service also and S3 with 280bhp nice! Send me a pm for more details
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    My new RS4

    A car that hugs you as you REALLY DRIVE IT! Go on push that "Sport" know you want to! Oh! Listen to that sound as you go from 4,000rpm upwards what a cacophony of sound. Turn OFF the STEREO and open the window and inch and your smile will get bigger and then EVERYONE WILL...
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    S3 in the snow?

    Snow driving is easy as long as you realise that with ALL QUATTRO dirve systems you WILL ACCELORATE QUICKER than conventional cars! BUT YOUR BRAKING IS THE SAME so always remember that to brake efficiently your wheels MUST ROTATE, yes ABS. However if like me you are a RALLY DRIVING INSTRUCTOR...
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    What do you do for a living?

    I'm a senior rally driving instructor, also 4 X 4 and race instructor. YES Everyone says I've go the best job in the world....................but would you want to sit next to some idiot who keeps trying to throw you into the neasest hard place!
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    Chipsaway South East London??

    The other option is go to towards the Paddock Entrance of Brands Hatch (Scratchers Lane) from off of the A20 towards West Kingsdown. Go to the padock entrance and turn around on your return on the LEFT hand side 100 to 150yds there is and unmade road (slightly bunpy) in less than 50yds you will...
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    Wind noise on S3

    It could be the front screen if you have had a new one fitted. Try putting tape on the side of the screen over the rubbers and onto the screen pilar. If this cures it then go the the screen fitters and tell them that you arfe not sattisfied with the work and they will have to refit it. Don't...
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    Anyone done Bedford ?

    I am an Instructor there and the cars you drive are now:- 1) Nissan Pathfinder 2) Caterham Seven Superlight 0 to 60 in 3.9 secs!! 3) Nissan 350Z 287 bhp 4) Renault Clio Cup Racer 0 to 60 in 4.1 secs! Sequential Gearbox! 5) Palmer Jaguar JP1 top Speed 180mph! 0 to 60 ONLY 3.6secs!!! 6)...
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    Extended Warranties, ££££!

    Warranty Direct have just quoted me for an 01 S3 with "Franchised Dealer car Hire" for the sum of £564. I was also informed that if I paid for it on the drip they would not be able to increase my membership fee next year! Just one hang up though.............. I will have to pay 20% of the cost...
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    Road Angel Navigator

    If you do get the Audi Sat Nav be aware. It is CD bassed and therefore does not cover the rest of Europe!! In other words if you want to go to France you will need another disc and then if you are going on to Spain and Portugal you will need yet another CD and a £99 each it can be expensive...
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    NEW RS4

    Read this: - What a car!
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    What superlatives could one use that have not been used relating to THE NEW AUDI RS4? In amongst the line of cars it blends, the Black Beauty of the bunch. You walk up to it as if you have not noticed it, with the hope that the door is left unlocked………result…………….you have the keys. You open the...
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    Got the S3 to 140mph . (not on public roads)

    Does 165mph Qualify? Mind you I was driving a 'quick' "very quick"...........RS6!
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    Usual hunting

    Believe it or not this can sometimes be caused by low or dirty oil
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    Map Location

    Great but be careful...... .......if you zoom in on the map and you have added your location (or look at any one elses) then any nasty scrote can, if they are looking for a specific car to .........................liberate!! Then hey presto..............its gone!
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    Cost of unleaded in France?

    Just from Britany and at Boulogne the price was 1.4 euro per litre!! Mind you the S3 did 30.8mpg over 1500miles in five days!