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  1. RobMorris

    Rough start bottom end

    hmmm doesnt sound good!?
  2. RobMorris

    Rough start bottom end

    any other advice? Ive done about 300 miles with no changes?
  3. RobMorris

    Rough start bottom end

    Just been out on my lunch break - no room for me to get a hand down for a wiggle? I guess I will need to get it on the ramp to get from underneath?
  4. RobMorris

    Rough start bottom end

    Also would it still fly if it was the bottom end? Or be all sluggish etc?
  5. RobMorris

    Rough start bottom end

    Thanks mate - so whilst off/cold just have a wiggle of things to see if anything is loose? Or get a ear round them whilst running? Is there some kind of Screwdriver trick? As in prod parts and listen? This sounds nuts but sure ive seen Edd China do it on Wheeler Dealers?!?
  6. RobMorris

    Rough start bottom end

    Guys Can anyone confirm what this noise is on start up? It does settle down but you can here it when fully warm on drive and rev. Rough start audi A4 2.5 tdi B6 from bottom end? - YouTube Cheers
  7. RobMorris

    My Audi A4 1.9tdi 130 Ongoing Project

    Looks great mate - I need to get on a paint my font grill now!
  8. RobMorris

    saloon interior in an avant

    I have asked the same but believe the rear is different?
  9. RobMorris

    How do i remove the inner plastics/carpet from my avant boot lid

    Nice one im just about to attempt this myself.
  10. RobMorris

    RobMorris Audi A4 2.5 V6 tdi avant

    I grabbed a couple of hours this weekend and got my GMBH front lower bumper on. I bought it in rough condition and in metallic Black. Rubbed it down / few coats of undercoat / rub down / few coats of satin black. I dont have progress pics of this. Nor have I any great pics of the front bumper...
  11. RobMorris

    Mobil 1 10w60 - HELP!

    I went by the book and put in 5W-30. Opie Oils recommended this one. Car Engine Oils | Products | Mobil 1™ ESP Formula 5W-30 My car started better. Started quieter. Less vibration on acceleration. Smoother acceleration. Regained full performance. On first 'boot' a large cloud of soot was seen...
  12. RobMorris

    Mobil 1 10w60 - HELP!

    Or would this be better? I read the lower the Winter the better? 0W-40 Halfords | Mobil 1 New Life 0W/40 Oil 5L
  13. RobMorris

    Mobil 1 10w60 - HELP!

    The book says 5w-30. Being thinner would this get around parts quicker from start us to reduce engine noise?
  14. RobMorris

    Mobil 1 10w60 - HELP!

    Chaps Ive used this oil in my car. Its quality 'thick' oil, bought for the main reason to - 'quieten my noisy engine', made for high mileage engines over 2L etc Id say my engine is now MORE noisy...
  15. RobMorris

    Advice on fabricating a GMBH Lower centre grille?

    I will be going down this route B6 A4: Ultrasport Lower Front Bumper with Stock Upper
  16. RobMorris

    Fixed service intervals

    I change oil and filter every 3000 miles/3 months then all filters every 12000 miles/yearly.
  17. RobMorris

    5w 40 fully synthetic Oil spec

    Or should I be seeking API CF/SM?
  18. RobMorris

    5w 40 fully synthetic Oil spec

    Chaps Is the following good for my 2.5tdi? 'Meets or exceeds the requirements of the following specification: API SL/CF ACEA A3/B3' Cheers
  19. RobMorris

    Rough sounding start

    Anyone? Could a change in Oil type be the reason? It had dirty old thick dino juice and sounded sweet when I got it? Fresh clean think fully synthetic and it sounds rough?
  20. RobMorris

    what fuel economy are you receiving from your car

    Im getting around 38mpg over a tank of mixed driving. Manual 2.5 V6 tdi 163 Front wheel drive mapped to 190bhp