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    RS 4 Tyre Valve Help and Warning!

    I have a 2007 RS 4 and love it to death! However being rather sensible I opted for using HYDROGEN, an inert gas to inflate my tyres with, also did away with those hideous silver plastic caps and got proper Schrader metal ones, the inert gas is also better for the tyres. Not only that but with...
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    What superlatives could one use that have not been used relating to THE NEW AUDI RS4? In amongst the line of cars it blends, the Black Beauty of the bunch. You walk up to it as if you have not noticed it, with the hope that the door is left unlocked………result…………….you have the keys. You open the...
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    Snow, Skiing and an RS6

    Here's something to make you smile. (or not if you have one) If you are lucky enough and RICH enough to have an RS6 and then you still have some change and you decide that you want to go skiing. You are in for a shock . The size of the wheels 19" and the fact that the tyres are VERY LOW...
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    Details for a Xmas Meet

    Details for Xmas Meet For AudiSport .net I am trying to arrange a Karting Event at Lakeside Karting near Dartford Tunnel possibly late November on a Saturday. Two or three persons per team and then various lengths of endurance event. The cost PER TEAM would be would be; 1-hr £90.00...
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    RS6 Handling ?

    This is my Link Audi Sport Net to a post that I have put on the A3 / S3 Board and it might be interesting to some of you. KEEEP IT ON THE BLACK STUF!!