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  1. BlueSpark

    Engine Bay Cleaning

    Just Wondering how you guys clean your engine bays. Can you jet wash it or steam clean?? Mine is filthy and needs a good bit of attention lol
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    Car of the Year - Audi A3 Sportback

    Well done to Audi. Audi's A3 named as the best new car - Telegraph
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    BG 44K High Strength Fuel System Cleaner

    Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone has tried this stuff and whether it works. Reason i ask is my car (2.0TFSI) has not started on 1st turn twice is a space of 2 weeks, engine just doesn't fire up. Its ok on the second attempt. I have replaced the battery a while back to varta silver, so suspect...
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    Wrath of the Titans

    I saw this last night, sequel to Clash of the Titans. I thought it was ok nothing spectacular though. Continues with story of Perseus, but also explains origins of Zeus and his brothers Poseiden and Hades, bringing their father into the movie. Good watch i will give it a 7/10.
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    Who owns A3 on road with Ice Cream Van War! lol

    Just read this and was in cracking up when i noticed the Audi A3 parked up beside the Ice cream van. Anyone own it on here? Warring ice cream men in street ding-dong | The Sun |News
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    I saw this the other day and have to say i was little bit disappointed. I think the previous 3 films were much better. Kate Beckinsale looked good though! :icon_thumright: lol
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    Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

    Hi guys, i did do a search but couldnt see an existing thread for M:I. Watched this last night and must say it was surprisingly good. If you have a home theatre set up then the sound effects are very good, and did make me jump when there was a sudden explosion in the film! lol If you havn't...
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    Michael Myers

    I was LMFAO to this Halloween Cinema Scares '10 - YouTube
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    Worst Car Repair

    Oh my guys must of seen this today in the sun. LMFAO World's worst car repairs revealed | The Sun |News
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    How To/Guide Section for each model section

    Hi, i've recently seen lots of knowdledgable people on this forum kind enough to start threads explaining step by step with pictures of how they installed their recent upgrades. I find these very useful, but as they are threads in normal sections they tend to get forgotton or pushed too far back...
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    Saw this film a couple of weeks ago and i have to say it is briiliant. A bit like Rocky but UFC style. A very good watch if you're into movies like Rocky.
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    Quote for some parts pls

    Hi there, can you provide me with a quote for the following parts please: 8P2 858 532 H 01C 8P2 858 531 H 01C They should be electric folding mirrors for 3dr A3 2006
  13. BlueSpark

    Is This a Double exhaust Diffuser?

    Hi Guys, just wondering if anyone could tell me if the following is a double exhaust diffuser, looks wide enough but not sure. Parts numbers according to ad are: 8P3807511 8P3807303 Thanks in advance
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    First start up of morning problem

    Hi Guys, i'm having a slight issue with the car starting up for the first time in the day. It seems like it doesnt want to turn over then fires up after a couple of seconds. This only happens on first start of the day and is fine for the rest of the day. i have already changed all the coilpacks...
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    Would S3 exhaust fit onto 2.0tfsi

    Hi guys as titles states just wondering whether an oem 2007 S3 exhaust would fit on a 2006 2.0tfsi. Thanks in advance
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    Removing RNS-E Radio

    Hello Guys, I installed a rns-e a couple a weeks ago but now am trying to install a BT kit. However i cant remove the radio either using the keys as keys dont hold and by removing glovebox and pushing from behind..its not budging!! Has anyone else had this problem or know how to remove the radio...
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    virus message for forum using firefox or google?

    hi just wondering if anyone else is getting messages from both google and firefox when trying to view the forum saying that it as been reported to contain malicious software and can harm your computer? if you try googling the forum 'audi-sport' then you will see it. Firefox pops up with...
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    Spotted: Grey A3 with twin exhaust and new rs6 wheels in Thornton Heath near Croydon

    Hello Just if this was anyone on here. It looked very nice, could also hear a continous whine like a supercharger!
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    Audi A3 Single Xenon Headlights, Part Numbers and suppliers

    Hello All, I have a 2006 A3 Sline 2.0T and unfortunatly it did not come with xenon headlights. I've read on here that the easiest option is to fit oem single xenon lights as it straight swap and vagcom. Does anyone know where i can buy brand new headlights with the ballasts or have the part...