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  1. a4quat

    Sd card

    I have an a4 with the concert head unit, I have added my music onto an sd card and most of the songs will not play because the head unit says the tracks are damaged! Although I can play the same songs through my phone via the aux cable that plugs under the armrest. Any ideas anyone?
  2. a4quat

    New Owner. TDI Quattro s-line

    This is my third Audi, my first was a B5 1.8 tqs and then a B6 S4, but have had a mondeo st tdci for about five year in between these. It is 170bhp model which seems to be enoughpower for now, not getting very many mpg's at the minute but that may be down to new car syndrome. Is it possible to...
  3. a4quat

    Sold my S4

    and bought a golf 1.8t gti... and put a few quid back in the bank! its my first vw and its my first Golf. Any good Golf or vw forums? and online parts stores I should know about?
  4. a4quat

    Want to sell my S4 but what to buy? suggestions...

    Ive got my S4 up for sale and need some suggestions on what to buy next, im wanting to pay a lump off my loan and buy something for around...
  5. a4quat

    Bad vibrations......

    after the stealers taking a load of money off me on wednesday for what they call "a full service" (how can they call it a service when they advised on air filter, pollen filter, spark plugs and alot of other things including a sidelight which was not working and NOT replacing any of these...
  6. a4quat

    motogp @ Donnington

    Anybody else go? its the first time ive ever been to a motogp race and it was fantastic!!!! Rossi come off his bike right were i was stood, whats the chances of that?
  7. a4quat

    inspection service....

    Does anybody know whats included in the inspection service and the cost? because (due to cam chain rattle) ive bought oil and oil filter from audi which cost £100 or so and seeing as i have 8500 miles to go before i am due my next longlife service i might aswell get audi to do an inspection...
  8. a4quat

    To service or not?

    I've not had my S4 long but not long after buying it I got a minor cam chain rattle so after a few questions on here I decided the best option is to change the oil and oil filter. So I have been and purchased my oil and oil filter from audi (about £100) and with about 8500 miles to go for the...
  9. a4quat

    S4 oil

    can anyone tell me what oil is best in my s4 and the amount of oil required? I know I'll probably get one of these so I'm gonna do it myself first lol :rtfm:
  10. a4quat

    rns-e buying and fitting

    The only thing I'm short of in my car is one of these can anyone tell me which one I need because there is loads of different ones for sale on Ebay, is there any companys that will supply and fit these? And do they all have satnav/dvd/tv and are they 6 disc like the front loader I have fitted at...
  11. a4quat

    cam chain tensioner

    Ive heard that a good engine flush and a oil and filter change (even though its recently been done approx 6k ago) could get rid of the dreaded cam chain tensioner rattle?
  12. a4quat

    red lights...

    Daft question i know but what are the two small red led lights up near the interior light for? i had'nt noticed them until i went to move my rear view mirror in the dark and they lit the back of my hand up....
  13. a4quat

    stainless mirrors

    whats the best product to clean and shine my metal mirrors?
  14. a4quat

    Surprises on my S4

    I have'nt had my S4 long and I just found out that it has headlight washers! honest lol, I just thought they were covers...Is there anything else my car has which I dont know about?:s4addict:
  15. a4quat


    Ive now had my S4 for just over a day and I'm loving it. lmao :s4addict: :greyrs4::applaus: :rock:
  16. a4quat

    My new addition......

    Ive gone and bought a S4 03' plate (really nice), but my plans are to keep my a4tqs incase the fuel bill gets a little high and I can do 6 month changes or 3 month whatever, or I could if anyone has heard of this? is to keep both cars on the insurance and swap whenever I want! does anyone know...
  17. a4quat

    s4 wanted

    If anyone knows of a b6 s4 for sale can you let me know pls, but it would need to be in a garage as i have a part ex. Thanks very much folks : )
  18. a4quat

    s4 wanted

    If anyone knows of a b6 s4 for sale can you let me know pls, but it would need to be in a garage as i have a part ex. Thanks very much folks : )
  19. a4quat


    can anyone tell me if its legal to tow an untaxed un mot'd car on a dolly or does it need to be fully off the ground on a flatbed or trailer?
  20. a4quat

    i've gone shares with some mates on a.....

    track car, its a mk3 ibiza gti. All track prep'ed roll cage etc. it just needs a couple of finishing touches i.e. we are gonna put the dash back in as it is a little over the top with weight reduction also there is a spring gone but they are tarmac spec springs? so we are gonna put standard...