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  1. GeorgieS3

    Missfiring on boost, possible knackered turbo?

    So following up on this, I didn’t manage to find a leak anywhere. Also haven’t got round to changing any sensors yet as I’ve been away. Car has done around 100 miles so next to nothing all I’ve done it put some cataclean stuff in with fuel..... But it’s gotton worse. I went to drive to work in...
  2. GeorgieS3

    O2 sensor fault, reoccurring code p1176

    So I have this fault code that has been coming back over the last 200 miles or so. - Cars running perfectly. Checked all lines for leaks, not smoke tested though. Checked wiring on both sensors and seems ok (no damage). Pre cat was changed for a new genuine sensor about 2.5 years ago. I’m...
  3. GeorgieS3

    Rear tie arms fitting

    So as title says. This weekend (if they have arrived) I’m going to be fitting a pair of cookbot tie arms, replacing the lower arm. I’m wanting to now if when people have fit these they have used new bolts/nuts exactly the same size as the old? Thought I would just clarify before I pick the new...
  4. GeorgieS3


    Strange one today. Just finished fitting my FMIC, put everything back together - including the battery which is almost dead which was sonly disconnected for about 30min. Anyway, went to start the car for a test drive and it only just started. Then went dead with the immo light on the dash. The...
  5. GeorgieS3

    Strange noise - hard to diagnose

    Last couple of times I’ve been out in the s3 I’ve noticed a sort of grinding rotational clunk, it’s quiet - and as far as my ears can tell it coming from under the car directly below centre console/gear stick. Only occurs when in a low gear (probaly the rest but can’t hear from the road noise)...
  6. GeorgieS3

    Injector seats

    Can anybody help me? Can't find the part number for some new injector seats. Car is a 2001 facelift - AMK engine. Thanks!
  7. GeorgieS3

    ABS/brake issue

    Coming home from work Sunday morning and my abs light came on, and suddenly a grinding/scraping noise from the passenger side brakes. Pulled over and my pads are both touching the disc at the bottom. So they're angled if you get what I mean. Had to get home which was 60mile. anyway it drives...
  8. GeorgieS3

    Intercooler advise

    Can't post the link with using my phone, but there's a few toyosport universal intercooler kits on eBay, they seem cheap! Just wondered if anybody had used one of these? Before i go and order one!
  9. GeorgieS3

    Boost gauge wiring

    Would anybody be able to help me with this? It's the wiring for my pro sport boost digital boost gauge, it mentions an in line filter ( which is supplied) and connecting to the boost sender? Electrics isn't my cup of tea so can anyone simplify. Thanks.
  10. GeorgieS3

    Couple of questions

    Ok guys first of all I'm fitting the V3 TIP this weekend, do I need some silicone around the turbo end? Secondly, can anyone recommend a good OE looking boost gauge 52mm for the air vent. Not sure weather to mod one like tuffty or buy one as close to OEM as possible. Cheers.
  11. GeorgieS3

    Changing discs and pads

    Need some advise of you guys? Went to Change my pads and discs today, following a very good guide on here. Now I got as far as pushing back the pistons back on the front and they wouldn't budge. Tbf I don't have the proper tool I tried bodging it with a g/clamp. But still the piston was so...
  12. GeorgieS3

    Multi car policy

    could anybody recommend a company to start a multi car policy with? I have a 2001 s3 with 3yr NCB currently paying £800 and I would like to add a small engine deisel car to the policy? The company in using now what ridiculous money. Thanks
  13. GeorgieS3

    Any ideas people??

    So this morning when I got to work I sat in my car with it idling for a while to cool down a bit after a "steady" drive. I turned off the AC and moments later I noticed my temp gage going up and up. I switched the AC back on and it's started to come back to normal. I switched her off and left...
  14. GeorgieS3

    Running rough

    Just changed my injector seals guys, evrything went fine and all back together. Just fitted her up and she started first time but running very rough and sounds like a deisel? Any ideas? Everything is connected up ok and now there a knocking noise???
  15. GeorgieS3

    Half moon seal - pain in the a***!!

    I've had my rocker cover gasket and half moon seal done twice in the last 8months. The last time being 2 weeks ago and it's still ****** leaking at the bottom of the half moon seal, the guys at the garage I use have done quite a bit of work for me and I trust them to do a good job! Is there...
  16. GeorgieS3

    Brake lights

    Ok guys my break lights are now on perminantly. I went to change the break light switch as I suspect this is the problem with my esp light, but that's a different matter. I found that euro had supplied me with the rong part so I put evrything back together and now my lights are perminantly on...
  17. GeorgieS3

    Possible overboosting? Need logging help

    Right guys I baught myself an odb2 wifi adaptor and dash command for my iphone to try and see what power my s3 is running. After a couple of runs giving it all she had in 3rd and 4th I managed to get it readin max 203hp. 188lb-ft and max boost of 20psi!. And air flow rate 170.75gs. Now i know...
  18. GeorgieS3

    Feed for USB+aux

    Just thought i would ask on here for some help, I have searched but can't seem to find much info. I got given this for free so thaught I would try fit it this weekend. I am not very good with auto electrics! Now I need to find a feed behind my HU + ground. Does it need to be switched or...
  19. GeorgieS3

    Creaking help

    Ok so as above, had front and rear powerflex ARB bushes fitting about 3 weeks ago. Mine where perished so thaught I would upgrade, now ever since then my car has been making a creaking noise, gradually getting worse and louder. It happens at low speeds and speed bumps ect. I have done a few...
  20. GeorgieS3

    Clutch help please !

    Ok so I was diving back home tonight and about 1 hour and half away I dropped the cluth coming upto a roindabout and snap, my clutch pedal went to the floor and I heard plastic snapping, instantly pulled over to take a look and what looks like a black little cover with 2 clips on it was in...