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    Wifes new car

    It turned out to be a failed injector. All 4 replaced under warranty.
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    Wifes new car

    Quick update: after a year and 14,000 miles she is really enjoying the car, although the love affair has just been soured as her EPC light has come on. After a quick google it seems that it is usually the injectors or a coil. Booked in for tomorrow.
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    Replace front wings, bolt on?

    Its just bolted on, with a bit of sealer/underseal at the bottom. I had to replace mine as someone used it to stop in the snow. Some of the bolts are quite tricky to get access to and because they're loctited into place they can be hard to remove, make sure you've a good fitting torx bit.
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    Nicki Minaj

    Way too much
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    Anyone tried Contisportcontact 3s?

    Can i recommend Michelin Exaltos, my current set has done 18k (of motorway miles) and still has 4.5mm left, bit pricey though.
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    Oil Service Cost on S3

    Just got a quote for an oil change from Preston Audi for £170 and from southampton Audi for £126 both the fixed time oil change. Southampton it is then. Edit: I work down there but live up north, i'm not travelling all that way just to save £46:laugh:
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    petrol prices in the uk

    in our local Shell garage normal unleaded costs £1.24 and Vpower costs £1.38 thats £7 difference when you buy 50 litres. At the rate i'm using it at the moment thats £700 pounds extra per year for V power.
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    Anyone own more than one car.

    No its something much better, its a low light early bay. Splitties stopped in 1967
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    Anyone own more than one car.

    1969 vw camper 1983 Austin Metro 1983 MG Metro 1994 Rover Metro 2008 Audi S3 2010 Audi A1 A nice split between performance and practicality.
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    Wifes new car

    After a week of running it, she is really enjoying it. Fuel consumption is about 29mpg but she only drives 7 miles to work, we got 38mpg on a longer drive at the weekend. Her only criticism is that it feels small inside and that the boot is a little bit too small to fit anything of a useful size...
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    I love fresh peas straight from the pod, yum yum, oh and mushy peas.
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    Hit A Massive Pot hole !

    Ref your rumble, i hit a pothole a couple of months ago and i've just had to have that wheel bearing replaced.It started as a rumble (Audi said it was the tyres) and ended up as a very loud knocking noise.
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    Wifes new car

    No just normal lights, we didn't really have a choice what the car came with as it was already made but the only option we'd have got would of been climate. We went for this one as my wifes old car was dieing so we needed one quite quickly and it was the right colour.
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    Wifes new car

    Finally a couple of photos
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    insurance-has yours gone up

    I'm a 37 year old with no claims or convictions and i paid £530ish last year with Zurich it had gone up to £918 this year. Finally got a cheap quote off Swiftcover for £513 on an S3 for 27,000 miles a year for me and my wife.
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    Ordered my A1

    Sounds nice, you didn't like the contrast lines either then? We thought they make it look like a Citroen.
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    Wifes new car

    Its finally at the dealers but we can't have it yet as it needs checking. My wifes like a little kid waiting for it, its the first new car we've bought. She thinks its going to be as fast as mine though because hers is an S as well and all S's are fast, bless her.
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    Need abit of advise please......

    I drive 470 (235 each way) miles every week in my S3 and its fine. I do 99 percent of my journey on the motorway so it tends to be better on fuel than other people that travel in theirs on A roads but its certainly not as good as a Tdi would be. Cars now on 43,000 and its had a wheel bearing and...
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    Wifes new car

    Thats what we're doing, i just always thought that bankers cheques were guaranteed.
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    Wifes new car

    Just been told that due to the weather (easy excuse) it won't be here until next week at the earliest, also got told that if we paid by bankers cheque then it would take 10 days to clear, since when, i thought bankers cheques were as good as cash.