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  1. Ellis85

    Screen Replacement

    Hi all. My mate has a Seat Exeo, which is basically a B7 A4 and the screen inbetween the clocks has packed in. Been off a while, can see a very feint outline to some of i sometimest. Is it do yourself-able or if not, anyone know what sort of price or anybody that fixes them local-ish to...
  2. Ellis85

    S4 Springs fit TDi

    Any idea if S4 springs would fit on an SE 2.0TDi? Both 59 plate, Both Avant. Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Ellis85

    error codes

    Afternoon all, Wondering if anyone could shed some light on these codes and if it s safe to remove them. I keep getting stop/start function unavailable, malfunction error come up on the dash. Car is a 2010, 59 plate A4, 2.0TDi. Address 01: Engine Labels: 03L-906-019-CAG.clb Control Module...
  4. Ellis85

    3.0 TDi Quattro gearbox issue

    Hi. Mate has a 54 plate A6, 3.0 TDi, Quattro, automatic. It started with the car slipping in 3rd but now has lost all drive altogether. Any ideas? It has had a fresh oil change just before it packed in altogether, to try and and remedy it as it can help apparently. I'm going to plug it into...
  5. Ellis85

    A4 B8 wheel size/offset

    Hi guys, new member, first post. Always have a read on the forum for info so signed up. Sorry if question already asked on another thread, but i have an A4 B8 Avant, 2.0TDI, SE and am looking at new wheels. Currently have standard 17's, standard suspension, and looking at 18's or 19's...